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Issues Blackwood

Issues Blackwood

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Published by blackwood_joseph

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Published by: blackwood_joseph on Jul 07, 2012
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IssuesFRIT 7330Assignment 3Joe Blackwood
Policy #1
 District cyberbullying policy
URL Link:
The first policy defines cyber bullying as, “the use of electronic information and communication
devices to willfully and repeatedly harm either a person or persons through the medium of 
electronic text, photos, or videos.”
(District CyberBullying policy, 2011). The policy I selectedstrictly prohibits harassment or bullying of any kind as such behavior will result in at least 1 dayof suspension and may lead to expulsion. Examples of behavior given by cyber bullies are listedon the site. CyberBullying is disruptive, and is a violation of the safety and security of students.If cyber bullying becomes an issue, students or parents are given steps in which to respond to theharassment.The first policy listed does have some strengths. One strength is the fact that it is out there forstudents and parents to see. Listing the types of cyber bullying at the top of the page is a goodway to introduce people to cyber bullying. Some students and parents may be completelyunaware of what cyber bullying is. I think it is a strength that the school has a set of consequences for students who are committed of cyber bullying. I think that it is also good thatthe school lists steps to follow if cyber bullying occurs.Some of the weaknesses I found are in a few of the strengths. I like that the webpage lists someforms of cyber bullying, but I believe that listing several more would be beneficial. This quotefrom the policy is subjective to me:
directed specifically toward a pupil or school personnel."(District CyberBullying policy, 2011). What if a student from this school is cyber bullying astudent from another school and Windemere Ranch Middle gets word of it? It appears that thepolicy only comes into effect if the person being cyber bullied is from the school. Lastly,although I appreciate the steps to take when cyber bullying occurs, I believe these steps should
always be followed in this particular order. CyberBullying can come in a variety of ways, can bepassive or extremely aggressive, and may require specific and immediate attention.
Policy #2
Jones, M. (2012).
Students - bullying - cyberbullying
URL Link:
CyberBullying as implicated by policy two is all forms of harassment via the internet. It is
considered a violation of policy and of school computer use. Misuse of schools’ computer is prohibited. “
CyberBullying includes, but is not limited to the following misuses of technology:harassing, teasing, intimidating, threatening, or terrorizing another person by sending or postinginappropriate and hurtful e-mail messages, instant messages, text messages, digital pictures orimages, or Website postings, including blogs.
” (Jones, 2012).
Also, cyber bullying can bedefined as someone pretending to be someone they are not online. If cyber bullying is happening,documentation should be made. This policy puts responsibility on students being cyber bullied totell administration. Consequences for cyber bullying include: the loss of computer privileges,detention, suspension, or expulsion for verified perpetrators of cyber bullying. Also, lawenforcement will be contacted.Making the world aware of the cyber bullying is a strength for any school or district. The factthat this school has implemented a policy against any such acts is commendable. The level of explanation in the types of cyber bullying that can occur are very thorough in this policy, evenmore so than the previous policy. This policy suggests students and parents keep record of evidence of cyber bullying. I think that this is very important in any case. Administration shallfully investigate all reports of cyber bullying. This statement is a powerful standing point for theschool. This school takes any type of electronic forms of harassment seriously. This is importantfor any school.This school policy does have a few weaknesses to discuss. The first I would like to address is
theconsequences of cyber bullying. Loss of computer seems so minute when considering the possibledamages of student cyber bullying. Although some forms of cyber bullying are harsher than others, I
don’t see how loss of computer is a strong enough consequence. Compared t
o the first school, I believethat this school should reassess their disciplinary measures. Also, the consequences seem very vague.
disciplinary action shall be based upon whether the conduct is determined to be severelydisruptive of the educational process so that it markedly interrupts or severely impedes the day-to-day operations of a school. In addition, such conduct must also be violative of another Districtpolicy. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to threats made on or off school grounds, to killor hurt a staff member or student.
” This portion of the policy seems a little too subjective.

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