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Sample Unleash the Hero

Sample Unleash the Hero

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Published by Toni Fonoti
Get Inspired and change the world around you Now
Get Inspired and change the world around you Now

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Published by: Toni Fonoti on Jul 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘Ignite your passion for life love and work’ By The Inspirational Dude
Look inside you and be strong and you finally see the truth that a hero liesin you’.Mariah Carey 
What people are saying about this bookToni, I really don't know where to start....what you have written is trulyincredible. When you sent it through I thought I would read a few pagesthen go to bed and read the rest tomorrow when I have more time. But assoon as I started reading, I was hooked and couldn't stop. I was hanging onyour every word. Wow! You write truly from the heart, I can hear you sayingit as I am reading, it is just amazing. I Was taken on such an emotional journey, I had tears pouring down my face while reading, goosebumpsreading about how much you loved your children and how you knew youhad to inspire them and my heart was just exploding hearing how you wentthrough that time, truly breathtaking. I really am blown away and I don't feelI can articulate just how powerful your story is. It's like Shantaram butbetter. I have never met you but just from the interaction we have had onthe webinar and hearing about you from Bec and Rachel and then readingyour book, I truly believe you are an incredible soul who has been put onthis earth to help and support others. THANK YOU so much for letting meread this, I am incredibly grateful and am it has touched my heart. Theworld needs more Toni's! : -) Lots of love x xDeborah Cudd Founder of ‘Your Body Embraced’I LOVE IT FANTASTIC wow amazing man you are. Where you’ve been &where you’re going now. I love your transformation. You Rock.. JacintaBody Builder Trainer Loved your book! Couldn’t stop reading it’s so real! Interesting and inspiringProud of you! NatIts really easy to read, its not just a continuous paragraph to paragraph itgives you something to think about between each little segment and so
honest especially when it come into what you were really thinking with thedrugs and that life. From a boy with dreams to being in prison then a theman living his dream its kinda like a fairy taleFrom the first read awesome I was honestly just thinking wow Toni did thisstuff?? for me emotionally Im sure you would appreciate this really isinspirational anyone that meets you from here on in is going to freak outwhen they read this and realise everyone has a past and its not what youexpect...BecOMFG you have an amazing story and a incredible way of writing it!!!!I couldn't stop reading it!!! It wasn't until the last bit of writing your dreamsdown that I found myself wanting more of your story!!!! Tania AWESOME WORK TONI!!!!!! DeborahThe rawness and truth and you YOU make it perfect!!!!!ArinaWELL DONE!!!!Oh the quotes tie it all together nicely!!!! DebSooooooo good!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! KarlyWow brother. Great stuff. I wanted to read on more about your story whichin itself would be a good short story to be published. Frazer I thought it had a great format with the sayings that link your story linethrough and kept the reader involved and wanting to continue to read whilehelping to step you forward to the next thought. Some grammaticalchanges here and there, but otherwise, very good. MikeToni practice what you preach and get this out to the world man youhave done alot of hard work this needs to be out there in the"commercial" universe! DaveI
n memory of brother Brian, nephew David and Mum who cried silent tearswondering “When will you find a job?” 
 And Dad who was not afraid to follow his dream who died doing what heloved... Dancing Dedicated to my four beautful children; Lillia,Yacob, Noah and Aroha whoinspire me to be the best Dad mentor and friend I can be
IGNITE YOUR PASSIONWhen you are not inspired by your work and not feeling passion in your lifeeverything sucks. Your health, family, relationships, career, finances;everything! When you are not in alignment with your purpose your thoughts, words, and actions won't be in the groove. But when you arefirmly on your unique and inspired path, everything rocks! Abundance flowsand your life sings!Chapter One CHILDREN WANT YOUR PRESENCE NOT YOURPRESENTS After decades of living with addictions and substance abuse, havingexperienced feelings of being overwhelmed, stuck and struggling, I wasfeeling unhappy, unfulfilled and was seeking more out of life. More thananything I wanted my children, who were young teenagers at the time, tolive a meaningful and fulfilled life, and I was not guiding them in thatdirection. I could see that they were already only living for the weekend andnext party, something that was all too familiar. I had not brought mychildren over from New Zealand to Australia to live a life focused onpartying; I wanted more for them. It was plain to see that my own pastplayed a large part in influencing them in this direction. After my partner and I separated my children were confused and angry withme for leaving their mother and having a new girlfriend. I was in love andinfatuated with my girlfriend and I chose to be distracted from what theyhad been going through.My sons who were 16 and 17 were angry and told me I wasn’t a man, andthat if I was a man I would have tried to save my marriage. They workedpacking buscuits at a local factory and had now stopped playing and writingmusic which had always been their passion as children. . My oldestdaughter who was 18 had runaway from home since she was 14 was an

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