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Alpha Transcript

Alpha Transcript

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Published by Steven Chandler

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Published by: Steven Chandler on Jul 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Alpha Signals (Transcript)
© 20 Fight Fast Inc. A division of Threat Response Solutions. All Rights Reserved.
 Alpha Signals (Transcript)
 Alpha Signals with Mr. X.
Jim Curley: Hi, my name is Jim Curley, special Project coordinator with TRS. Todayon May 18
, I am sitting here with the mysterious Mr. X., with who I haveworked with extensively in the past, and who has agreed to share someof his research in non-verbal communication skills. It’ll help you avoid
physical attacks, in other words, it’s how to get out of a ght without
a physical confrontation. Welcome Mr. X.Mr. X: Thank you. It’s good to be here Jim.Jim Curley: Tell me, why all the secrecy? Why do you want to hide your identity?Mr. X: Well, to tell you the truth, some of the information I’m going to bediscussing is material that I actually use on everyday life and inmy businesses. I’m still active in the business community, and thetechniques that I have learned and developed are techniques that I’m
still currently using to my advantage. So really it’s for selsh reasons, in
that, I think that if the information got out that I was employing non-verbalcommunication techniques, it would put me at a distinct disadvantage.
Jim Curley: Hmm. Interesting, when I rst approached you for this interview, you
said that you discussed your research into alpha signals. First of all,what are alpha signals?
Mr. X: Well, alpha signals is one classication sort of speak, of non-verbal
communication. When we talk about non-verbal communication, we’retalking about everything except the words we use. So that includesour appearance, our gestures, our posture, our facial expressions, our eye contact, and actually the tone, tempo and pace of our speech. So,alpha signals is one branch of the non-verbal communication skills thatsignals to others, your status in the pack sort of speak. In most packanimals, that are in large groups, there’s usually an alpha male and analpha female, these tend to be the leaders or the dominant members of that pack. All of the information in animals is transferred non-verbally,and we are not much different. A lot of the communication that goes onbetween individuals is in a sense placing them at certain levels in thepack, sort of speak. Alpha signals are the signals that you transmit toother individuals what level of dominance you are.Jim Curley: So in other words, words can lie, but your alpha signals cannot?Mr. X: That’s how it’s supposed to work.Jim Curley: What is your background in this area? How did you obtain this information?Mr. X: Well, it all began about 4 years ago, when I was involved in a researchproject on command presence, which is techniques employed by lawenforcement agencies, and in fact, a lot of your larger metropolitanpolice forces have actually classes, and what they’ve termed commandpresence, and that’s the ability to go into a highly volatile situation and
take control immediately. Because many times ofcers when they rst
 jump into a situation, they’re outnumbered. There’s one person, familydisturbances are especially dangerous. They walk in and they have toimmediately be able to take control, and to more or less dominate andcontrol the area and the individuals. And, it’s not done by yanking outyour gun; it’s done by your voice, your posture and so forth. So theyhave to teach this to individuals. I was doing research on commandpresence and it intrigued me, I had never really considered the fact that
 Alpha Signals (Transcript)
most of the inuence we have on others it’s not by what we say, but by
what we do, and our gestures and posture, and that kind of started the
ball rolling. And after I was nished with the project, I continued the
research and brought it to the point that it is today.
Jim Curley: Explain why alpha signals can help a person avoid getting into a ght.
So, you’re in a situation where your heart starts pumping and you thinkthat something could happen. How can alpha signals avoid the actualphysical confrontation?
Mr. X: Ok. First let’s look at the typical causes of ghts. And when I say aght, I’m talking about a violent physical confrontation. And the majorityof these ghts can fall into ve basic categories, one is for material gain;
one is for anger venting; another is for sadistic pleasure; one is for saving
face; and the last one is what I call status points. Let me dene this vecategories of ghts, and then we’ll talk about how alpha signals can or can help. The rst one.
Jim Curley: Material gain.Mr. X: Material gain and that is simply someone mugging or stealing from you.Could be on a street corner, it could be in your house, it could be in your car. The important thing there is that people who do this are looking for 
a victim, they are not looking for a dominant condent individual, they’re
looking for a submissive individual.Jim Curley: An easy target essentially.Mr. X: Exactly! So, the choice comes between someone who looks likean alpha male, and I’m not talking about , at this point of physicalcharacteristics, cause if you’re 6’6 and 300 lbs and you know, built like alinebacker, then you know, a lot of this is irrelevant. But, for the rest of usit is important and we’ll discuss a little bit further. But, it’s important notto look like a victim, and you’ve heard that a lot, but what does that reallymean? I get really impatient and lose interest when things are talked toomuch in the abstract. When someone says, don’t look like a victim. Iwant to know, well what a victim looks like.Jim Curley: Yeah, right! What does that mean right?Mr. X: The other, anger ventilation. Let me give you an example of anger venting. A guy’s had a bad day, he’s been dumped by his girlfriend.He’s in line at a theater, you walk by and accidently brush his shoulder,or knock him in the arm or hit his arm and in turn he spills his coffee.He’s already mad. He wants to vent this anger. He’s at whatever hashappened personally and you are his victim. Now, there’s this wholeidea of people that have anger issues, you know, they beat their wife’sor you know, they say they can’t help it, it’s something that just happens
and they need to go through therapy. I nd that really suspect, becausethis same individuals if they get cut off in trafc by a once again.
Jim Curley: A linebacker.Mr. X: Yeah. A 6 foot 5 linebacker with tattoos. All of a sudden they have some
kind of ability to control their anger; they don’t ip him off or whatever.But, when they get home they go kick their dog, or what have you or nd
someone that they feel they can dominate. Because, remember, most
people looking for a ght are not gonna ght somebody they feel can do
them harm.

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