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Random Research No.3

Random Research No.3

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"Random Research" means my writing is based on my random encounter with interesting concepts which are, from my personal point of view, worth sharing a word.
"Random Research" means my writing is based on my random encounter with interesting concepts which are, from my personal point of view, worth sharing a word.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: រ័ត្នវិសាល (Rathvisal) on Jul 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Random Research 3
Random Research on various notionsNo. 3Note:
This writing is the mere product of my curiosity and will not constitute a formalopinion of any sort. Though, all/any comments are welcome.
Microsoft Word: In Foot
the Footer area? Why not try something
the Footer area instead?
er, Link to a Bookmarked Location
This time, it is not about Accounting or Law. It is about one trick in Ms.Word. I do not knowhow to speak IT language properly. So please be patient and try to keep up with my laymen’sexplanation. Hope it helps.Here is the context:Let us assume that we have a very long document of 100 pages. Let us assume that we needto put a link clickable in the Footer area that will take us to a specific location in the sameMs.Word document (example, the link to the Table of Contents or the Executive Summary).Because we want the link to appear in every page of the section (say, the sectioncontains 40 pages) and we need a method to reduce the time to create one link foreach page, thus totaling 40 links.-
the Footer area when we already know that the link will work only whenyou have to each time double-click / show the Footer area first before being able toclick on the link itself?This time the question is valid because having the link in the Footer does not helpthings any faster. Example, if your “Table of Contents” stays on top, all you need todo is to hit “Ctrl + Home” and it will take to you to the very first page. If it is at thebottom of the document, it is “Ctrl + End”.-
Well then, why?Here comes the interesting part of my encounter:1.
It is because there are times where people want to make a link to a location whichis not in the top page or in the last page. Let us say we want the link to take us tosomewhere in the middle of the document.2.
It is because there are several times that people want to convert the final versionof the document into the famous PDF format. In PDF format, we do not need todouble-click it; the link will be clickable right away.3.
It is because some users also know how to insert the Section Breaks. In this case,it is even more useful if we just know how to put a link in the Footer area that

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