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The Evil Destiny

The Evil Destiny

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My Short story...
My Short story...

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Published by: Yaqeen Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander on Jul 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This story is of a young woman Salma who in spite of her enormous struggle for her familyfailed to save her own life. Young Salma lived happily with his husband Iqbal and one sonand a daughter in a town. Their house was not so big, yet beautiful. Salma's father-in-lawand mother-in-law also lived with her in the same house. Salma managed the home andIqbal worked in a company. He was the only bread earner of the family. They were not sorich but still the couple lived happily with mutual understanding and cooperation.One day the door bell rang. Salma opened the door and a policeman stood before herasking her to come to the Police Station to identify a dead body which according to thepolice was of Iqbal. On hearing these words Salma was dismayed and felt unconscious. Aftersometime she gained control over herself and went to the police station. Her dreams wereshattered like a mirror when she saw the dead body of Iqbal, her husband, who had died ina road accident. Iqbal's father had retired and now there was nobody to support the family.Even the Salma was uneducated.After a few months, Salma's father-in-law (Iqbal's father) felt ill. He was rushed to the cityhospital where the doctors diagnosed that he had throat cancer and about two lakh rupeeswill be required for his treatment. Also her children were discharged from the school as thefee of several months was pending. Now Salma was in a real trouble. Financial crises wererunning in the home and there was no source of income. Iqbal, the only source of income tothe family was gone and Salma needed a lot of money for her family, for the treatment of her father-in-law and for paying the fees of her children but she could see no ray of hope.Even she could not do some job to manage the money as she was ignorant and illiterate.After some days, her friend Noori who lived in the city visited her. After hearing all her storyshe assured her that she will manage a job for her in the city. Salma readily agreed thinkingthat the days of hardship will be over soon and everything will be all right but she did notknow what the fate had already stored for her in the future.Meanwhile Salma left the town leaving her mother-in-law and two children there. When shereached the city, her friend Noori took her to a house of prostitution (Brothel). At thismoment Salma felt angry, disagreed to do the immoral job of a prostitute and cursed Noorifor she had brought her there. In the meantime Noori consoled Salma and requested her to

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