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Bcsbi Code 2009

Bcsbi Code 2009

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Published by Hafijulla Sheik

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Published by: Hafijulla Sheik on Jul 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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21.1Objectives of the Code21.2Application of Code2
2Key Commitments
32.1Our key commitments to you3
3Information - Transparenc
53.1General53.2Do Not Call Service63.3Interest rates63.4Tariff schedule73.5Terms and conditions7
4Advertising, Marketing and Sales
5Privacy and Confidentialit
95.1Credit Reference Agencies10
6Collection of dues
106.1Security Repossession Policy12
7Complaints, Grievances and Feedback
127.1Internal Procedures127.2Banking Ombudsman Service12
8Products and Services
138.1Deposit Accounts138.2Clearing Cycle / Collection Services188.3Cash transactions188.4Stop Payment Facility198.5Cheques / Debit instructions issued by you198.6Branch closure / shifting208.7Settlement of claims in respect of Deceased Account Holders208.8Safe Deposit Lockers228.9Foreign Exchange Services228.10Remittances within India238.11Lending238.12Guarantee258.13General Information268.14Credit Card278.15Insurance298.16Mobile Banking298.17Credit Counselling Facility298.18Getting Records29
9Protecting Your Accounts
299.1Secure and Reliable Banking and Payment Systems299.2Keeping Us Up To Date309.3Checking your account309.4Taking care309.5Internet banking319.6Cancelling payments329.7Liability for losses32
11Getting help
12Review of the Code
 Annex - Glossary 
This is a voluntary Code, which sets minimum standards of banking practices for banks to follow when they are dealing with individual
s. It provides protection to you and explains how banks areexpected to deal with you for your day-to-day operations.The Code does not replace or supersede regulatory or supervisory instructions of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and we will comply withsuch instructions/directions issued by RBI from time to time. Provisionsof the Code may set higher standards than what is indicated in theregulatory instructions and such higher standards will prevail as the Coderepresents best practices voluntarily agreed to by us as our commitment to you
In the Code, ‘you’ denotes the customer and ‘we’, the bank the customerdeals with.
1.1Objectives of the Code
The Code has been developed to:a.promote good and fair banking practices by setting minimumstandards in dealing with you b.increase transparency so that you can have a better understanding of what you can reasonably expect of the servicesc.encourage market forces, through competition, to achieve higheroperating standardsd.promote a fair and cordial relationship between you and your banke.foster confidence in the banking system.The standards of the Code are covered by the key commitments in Section 2.
1.2 Application of the Code
This Code applies to all the products and services listed below, whetherthey are provided by branches or subsidiaries, agents acting on our behalf,across the counter, over the phone, by post, through interactive electronicdevices, on the internet or by any other method. However, all productsdiscussed here may or may not be offered by us.
a.Current accoun
s, savings accounts,
term deposit 
s, recurring deposits, PPF accounts and all other
deposit accounts
 b.Payment services such as pension, payment orders, remittances by  way of Demand Drafts, wire transfers and all electronic transactionse.g.
c.Banking services related to Government transactions
d.Demat accounts
Government bond
se.Indian currency notes exchange facility f.Collection of cheques, safe custody services, safe deposit locker facilit g.Loans, overdrafts and
sh.Foreign exchange services including money changing i.Third party insurance and investment products sold through our branches
products including 
credit card
s, debits cards,
smart card
s and services (including credit cards offered by oursubsidiaries/companies promoted by us).The meanings of (key)words in
bold black
have been given in the Glossary.
2.1 Our Key Commitments To You2.1.1 To Act Fairly And Reasonably In All Our Dealings With You By:
a.Providing minimum banking facilities of receipt and payment of cash/ cheques at the bank’s counter b.Meeting the commitments and standards in this Code, for the productsand services we offer, and in the procedures and practices we follow c.Making sure our products and services meet relevant laws andregulations in letter and spirit d.Ensuring that our dealings with you rest on ethical principles of integrity and transparency e.Operating secure and reliable banking and payment systems.
2.1.2 To Help You To Understand How Our Financial Products AndServices Work By:
a.Giving you information about them in any one or more of the following languages
Hindi, English or the appropriate local language

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