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Chaper 2.

Chaper 2.

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Published by Kamryn(:
Chapter 2! Enjoy(:
Chapter 2! Enjoy(:

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Published by: Kamryn(: on Jul 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I slowly began to walk into the cafeteria and went up to the lunch lady.“Oh, yes I would like some green beans, mashed potatoes, and some macand cheese.” I said pointing at the food infront of me. She handed me theblue tray and I walked to a table and sat beside my best friends, Brookeand Taylor. Honestly, I hated this school. What they served today isprobably the only GOOD thing they served. Oh well, what can I do?“Hey, girlies.” I greeted them.“You look really pretty today.” Taylor complimented before shoving aspoonful of mashed potatoes.“Thanks, you do too. You too Brooke.” I complimented back. Taylor usuallygave me compliments no matter HOW HORRIBLE I looked. But, today Iwas actually decent. (
)“Hey, Andrea wanna maybe come over today? Like stay a night, perhaps?”Taylor questioned.“Oh, yeah. Sure. Wait, I forgot, I gotta babysit Colton tonight.” I say rubbingmy temples. I quickly resume my sentence with, “Every other day I have tobaby sit him, cause my Mum worked a later shift and my dad works EVERYday, but goes around the world. So, he’s usually not home. So we have ababysitter when I’m at school.”“Oh, you can bring Colton to my house it’s fine.” she says.“Thanks Taylor!” I say hugging her.“Am I invisible?” Brooke asks.“No.” Taylor and I say in unison. Brooke gets up and dumps her tray.“What was that all about?” I ask Taylor.“Who cares? It’s her problem not ours.” Taylor replies. As the day drags on,the bell FINALLY rings. I rush out of the dreadful classroom and slung mybookbag over my shoulder. (
) I meetwith Taylor outside the school.

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