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The RBG Blueprint for Black Power Study Cell Guidebook-May 2013 Update

The RBG Blueprint for Black Power Study Cell Guidebook-May 2013 Update



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Published by Rbg Street Scholar
The RBG Blueprint for Black Power Study Cell Guidebook-May 2013 Update
The RBG Blueprint for Black Power Study Cell Guidebook-May 2013 Update

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Rbg Street Scholar on Jul 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1
 The HonorableDr. Am
os N. Wilson
Former Social Caseworker, Psychological Counselor,Supervising Probation Officer, Training Administrator in theNew York City Department of Juvenile Justice, AssistantProfessor of Psychology at the City University of New York,Master Teacher, Organizer, and Author 
The late, Honorable Dr. Wilson was born in Hattiesburg,Mississippi in 1941. Familiarly referred to as Brother Amos,he provided the average person with an acute analysis of where we are and the things that affect us. He served as acouncil to energize our race and those in positions of influence as to how to carry out their leadershipresponsibilities. Dr. Wilson's activities transcended academiainto the fields of business, owning and operating variousenterprises in the greater New York area.
One of Two RBG BlakademicsRequired Textbooks
The RBG Blueprint Study CellIce Breaker mp3s for DownloadsPlay
Blueprint for Black Power 
Study Cell Guidebook 
-2013 Update
Page 2
Blueprint is our school's required textbook. Please visit and join our study cell
 There you will find our discussions. In this group we study in detail one of RBGz required textbooks(Dr. Amos Wilson's Blueprint for Black Power)in both print and videoform. We comment on and discuss chapters/clips: then plan, develop and implement.
Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political, and EconomicImperative for the Twenty-First Century
Blueprint for Black Power details a master plan for the power revolution necessary for Black survival in the 21st century.Blueprints posit that an African American/Caribbean/Pan-Africanbloc would be most potent for the generation and delivery of Blackpower in the United States and the World to counter White and Asian power networks. Wilson frames this imperative bydeconstructing the U.S. elite power structure of government,political parties, think tanks, corporations, foundations, media,interest groups, banking and foreign investment particulars. Potentially strong Black institutionsas the church, media and think tanks; industry; collectives such as investment clubs and creditunions; rotating credit associations such as Afrikan-originated esusu, tontine and partner areanalyzed. Pan-Afrikanism, Black Nationalism, ethnocentrism and reparation are assessed, oftenmisused and underused financial institutions as securities, mutual funds, stocks, bonds,underwriting, and incubators advocated, thus elucidating oft-negated opportunities for economicempowerment.
Play Video Lecture|Blueprint for Black Power: A Moral, Political,and Economic Imperative for the Twenty-First Century
Page 3
from Chapter 1|WHAT IS POWER
"The oppressed and downtrodden, having beentraumatized by the abuse of power by their powerfuloppressors, often comes to perceive power itself asinherently evil, as by nature corrupting and therefore assomething to be eschewed, denied and renounced.The pursuit of power is viewed as unworthy of virtuouspersons, and the desire to possess it as sinful. Therefore,many among the powerless and poor feel compelled to findin their powerlessness and poverty the emblematic signs of their Godliness and redemptive salvation.How convenient a precept for rationalizing and maintainingthe power of the haves over the have-nots! As the result of their ideologicalmanipulation by the powerful and their own reactionary misperception of reality, thepoor and powerless have been made to perceive the pursuit, possession andapplication of power in their own behalf as unbecoming to themselves.This is even more the case when through their naïve acceptance of the self-servingdeceptive propaganda perpetrated by the powers-that-be, their own reactionary self-negation, and their nursing of their internalized inferiority complexes, the poor huddledmasses perceive the possession and exercise of power as the inherent and exclusiveprerogative of the ruling classes or races.""To a significant degree Afrikan Americans accept and obey predominant White American power and its authorities (at least from social-psychological standpoint)because they agree with the rules of their establishment and expression as defined byWhite Americans; share with White Americans the moral, legal, and other values andperspectives which justify them; and to some extent (limited and of recent origin)because they, i.e., Blacks, have been permitted by White Americans to participate inpolitical and social processes by which White power is given legitimacy.To a limited degree, Afrikan Americans have been permitted access to certain positionsof competent and legitimate authority. These factors contribute mightily to their acceptance of White American power (domination) and the White American monopolyof positions of authority as legitimate.These forms of giving consent to the social power status quo on the part of Blacks helpto obscure as well as deny the fact that they are in fact a dominated and severelyexploited group (regardless of class); and helps to obscure the fact that their uncriticalacceptance of the 'rules,' moral beliefs, perspectives, and their customary-traditionalparticipation in the 'American (White) political-economic process and system is

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