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Lich Hoc Cua Lop Master 01

Lich Hoc Cua Lop Master 01

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Published by Trần Minh Hải

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Published by: Trần Minh Hải on Jul 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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166 Ngõ Thnh Quang, P.Thnh Quang, ng a, Ni | 04.3562.7092 |
Master 01 -
 Thi gian hc: chiu th 5 & ch
(Gi hc: 14h00 16h00)
Book: Cambridge English skill - Real Listening & Speaking + Cambridge English skill – RealWriting Teacher: 100% GVNN (Bill Shum)
Chng trình hc
1Ch nht
Real Listening &Speaking:
Unit 1: How’s it going? Topic: Socializing
Start up a conversation and make small talk
Develop and maintain a conversation
Understand when someone is being ironic
Use intonation to indicate emotions
2 Th nm
Real Writing:
Unit 1: Somewhere to stay Topic: Holidayaccommodation
Write an email in concise, polite, businesslikeEnglish, stating your accommodation requirements andasking for further information
Complete a booking form stating your requirementsand asking about the availability of accommodation
Understand and use a range of accommodationvocabulary and expressions
3Ch nht
Real Listening &Speaking:
Unit 2: I’m looking for acamera Topic: Shopping
Ask about products in detail
Negotiate and get a good deal
Return an item to a shop and given an explanation
4 Th nm
Real Writing:
Unit 2: Let’s keep in touch Topic: Contacting friends
Distinguish between letters and emails in terms of style and structure
Plan and write personal letters and emails
Write emails using features of informal Englishtypically associated with email writing
5Ch nht
Real Listening &Speaking:
Unit 3: I need to see a doctor Topic: Healthcare
Enquire about and register for health services
Understand a doctor’s diagnosis
Use stress to correct any importantmisunderstandings
6 Th nm
Real Writing:
Unit 3: Forms and more forms Topic: Dealing withbureaucracy
Understand language commonly used on forms
Complete forms using appropriate language
Identify and correct inappropriate language on aform
166 Ngõ Thnh Quang, P.Thnh Quang, ng a, Ni | 04.3562.7092 |
info@happyhouses.edu.vn | http://happyhouses.edu.vn
Chng trình hc
7Ch nht
Real Listening &Speaking:
Unit 4: What’s the problem? Topic: Living away fromhome
Describe everyday problems and speculate aboutcauses and consequences
Give advice and make strong recommendations
Explain the consequences of particular actions
8 Th nm
Real Writing:
Unit 4: Dear Sir, Topic: Letters to newspapers
Write a structured letter to a serious newpaper,using formal English
Use a range of words to qualify your opinions
9Ch nht
Real Listening &Speaking:
Unit 5: What a lot of red tape! Topic: Bureaucracy
Ask about official procedures
Understand official processes
Be concise and to the point when answeringquestions
10 Th nm
Real Writing:
Unit 5: It’s not good enough Topic: Letters of complaintabout goods and services
Write a formal letter of complaint
Avoid repetition when using formal language
Use a range of expressions appropriate to formalletters of different kinds
11Ch nht
Real Listening &Speaking:
Unit 6: What a great view! Topic: Sightseeing
Show visitors around your home town
 Talk about places of interest
Ask about attractions in a city
Make strong recommendations
12 Th nm
Real Writing:
Unit 6: This is my life Topic: Writing a CV / resume
Writing Test 1
Write a CV
Write a covering letter to accompany a CV
Reduce full sentences to notes
13Ch nht
Review Listening - Speaking & Presentation Test 1
14 Th nm
Real Writing:
Unit 7: Private andconfidential Topic: Writing job references
Recognize the differences between different types of  job references
Write job references in two different formats
Use relative clauses in formal writing
15Ch nht
Real Listening &Speaking:
Unit 7: I’d appreciate it Topic: Requesting services
Understand detailed requirements
Make polite requests and explain what you want
Interupt politely and ask for help
Specify requirements and justify your reasons
166 Ngõ Thnh Quang, P.Thnh Quang, ng a, Ni | 04.3562.7092 |
info@happyhouses.edu.vn | http://happyhouses.edu.vn
Chng trình hc
Ghi chú
16 Th nm
Real Writing:
Unit 8: According to our survey Topic: Customer surveys
Write a report in clear sections and includeappropriate sub-headings
Incorporate reduced relative clauses into your writing
17 Th nm
Real Writing:
Unit 9: The product for you Topic: Taking notes from aproduct presentation
Write a note-taking framework
 Take notes from a product presentation
Reduce complete sentences to noun phrases
18Ch nht
Real Listening & Speaking:
Unit 8: This is your office Topic: Organizations and people
Understand and explain company structures
Understand roles and responsibilities
 Talk about your role and responsibilities
Describe personal qualities and strengths
19 Th nm
Real Writing:
Unit 10: I’ll email you Topic: Workplacecorrespondence
Understand the main differences between traditionalletters and emails in work-related contexts
Write work-related emails using clear, simplelanguage
Incorporate abbreviations and acronyms in emailswhen appropriate
20Ch nht
Real Listening & Speaking:
Unit 9: I’ll sort it out Topic: Problems at work
Handle customer complaints
Confirm and check important information
Put forward solutions
21 Th nm
Real Writing:
Unit 11: This is the course forme Topic: Writing a personalstatement
Writing Test 2
Write a personal statement in formal, accuratelanguage
Express interest and enthusiasm without soundingover-confident
Edit and correct inappropriate or incorrect language
Write complex sentences incorporating a number of clauses
22Ch nht
Real Listening & Speaking:
Unit 10: Can I call you back? Topic: On the phone
Make and take calls successfully
 Take and leave messages
Overcome phone-related difficulties
23 Th nm
Review Listening - Speaking & Presentation Test 2
24Ch nht
Real Listening & Speaking:
Unit 11: Shall we move on? Topic: Meetings
Identify other people’s opinions
Participate successfully in a meeting
Lead a meeting effectively as chair
Express your opinions diplomatically
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