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An Insomniac's Opinion of America's Educational System

An Insomniac's Opinion of America's Educational System

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A quick-write about how insomnia can help you write and also a view of the American, especially the Stockton (S.U.S.D.) and California public educational system system. Written by a Amos Alonzo Stagg High School drop-out, which occurred in the Year of our Lord two thousand....ANF
A quick-write about how insomnia can help you write and also a view of the American, especially the Stockton (S.U.S.D.) and California public educational system system. Written by a Amos Alonzo Stagg High School drop-out, which occurred in the Year of our Lord two thousand....ANF

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Published by: Andrew N. Farrens (Drew Kazinsky) on Jul 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Author’s Note:
(Will you read this? I highly doubt it considering the length of it. It will likely take you longer to read it than it took for me to write it. That is notthe fault of my constant Reader. The educational system is to blame…..A.N.F.)
Insomnia = Writing
After a few weeks of suffering the dreaded "writer's block", there has beenmuch pecking and tapping on my key-board the last 48 hours, creating asubstantial amount of words from the thin air around me, but I crashed andburned this afternoon, even after five(5) or six(6) hours of sleep last night.I suppose that this is quite natural when you do NOT sleep, at all, for overthirty-five(35) hours and of course, other than the smoke of the blessed purpletrees whose potent smoke swayed gently in the breeze of the blade-less fan, thefactual reality of my insomnia has been WITH-OUT chemical assistance. Hell, if Icould have slept, I would have. I sincerely tried but alas, no such luck!Now I either have to stay awake in the reality I detest, after waking a short timeago, to finish this already late writing project for Alia Sharrief (Bakari Pilgrim),which might cause another jerk chicken ass insomnia attack. I have begun tonotice that my Word-Bully writing binges is one of the main reasons this badcraziness of NO SLEEP happens to me. I feel I should continue with the Sundayafternoon pattern of Sloth and rest my eyes but If I do that, I will not befinishing in the minutes the early morning hours the writing that I need toaccomplish. It is so very TEMPTING to allow myself the luxury of sleep since Iam so tired.......Although I am not getting paid yet, except for the learning experience, for thewriting of my words, this project is for a damned good friend -Bakari-, who isnot just a friend but an honorable man I consider my brother. I hate that I keepprocrastinating the final draft of what he needs but alas, physical exhaustion isthe cause of my “laziness”. Even with the benefit of the hours of sleep, beforewhich I researched mix-tape press releases, the final draft should have beenfinished days ago......Although I will be the FIRST to admit, especially to myself, that my scrawlingwords are not as important as a TRUE JOURNALIST's material, along with thefact I do not have telephones, e-mails, or fax machines (or even live humans)screaming at me for MORE & MORE WORDS, I am beginning to understandwhy Hunter S. Thompson always loathed his official dead-lines. It was NOT all
fun and games for him –or any other writer worth his weight in words-- but inreality, Thompson's hatred (and FEAR) of the inevitable deadlines of theProfessional Writer is sincerely about the sense of failure and the definite LOSSOF CONTROL. This is something I sort of understand. I'm sure that when I amFINALLY recruited to the professional society of Word-Bullies, I will feel thisconsternation worse than I do now.The unfortunate but the oh so true fact is that dead-lines come and go,sometimes with a speed that leaves one stunned in absolute shock and dismay. Ifthe writer is not prepared, which is where I am at these during these first hoursof a new day,. I believe a writer must be ready and willing to be contumaciouslyraped intellectually and psychologically by merciless editors who care only forthe monetary reasons of the morphemes that consist of my wordy scribbles......Indeed!Some ignorant folks who know NOTHING of the WRITING CRAFT may say thatI'm wasting valuable time with the "Kazinsky Quick-Writes" on Face-Book,Google+, Scrib'd, Twitter, etc etc. These contributing and valuable members ofSociety (Irony, my dear friends, is the corner-stone of any asshole scribbler)tend not to realize that unless the word-count is below 1,500 words, at least forKazinsky, the quick-writes only take ten(10) to fifteen(15) minutes to write, withanother five minutes or so of rapid self-editing. The most important fact ofFace-Book (and social media in general) is that the "quick-writes" areinspirational ideas that come forth to the consciousness as I both write and editthem for “status updates”.The only major draw-back of the whole "quick-write” thing is that you,Constant Reader, have to read the so-called "brilliant" updates I post but thebeauty of it all is that you can choose to ignore the words I write, if you want.Considering the amount of people who actually READ what I scrawl, at least onSCRIB'D.COM --33,816 reads so far--, I guess people really enjoy reading what Iwrite. This pleases me more than you could ever imagine. However, to most ofhumanity’s populace, why would want to do such a stupid thing with your freetime when you could spend it playing a video game or watching cabletelevision? This is absolutely beyond the limited comprehension of the red-bearded White Devil Drew Kazinsky but illiterate assholes abound in thisapathetic World of the poorly educated. Unless you teach yourself by READING
ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, you will always lack something important:KNOWLEDGE!Since our schools and public education system are rotten at the core, along withthe so-called "private schools", most education is based on standardized testscores that are more about memorization of alleged facts than “criticalthinking”, which is sorely lacking in this cruel World. The whole sad educationalsystem is really about how much MONEY can be made on an alreadyeconomically exploited student (along with the family of said student) and thelackluster “scholars” are not much better whether they attend a private schoolor participate in the public school system. Sometimes the education is superiorin the privatized institutions but not necessarily so.Except for instilling a false sense of entitlement that the private school learnerhappens to be a privileged catechumen of education, they are not different thanthe poor students who try to better their lives. As they are routinely ignored bythe fools in political Power, who are supposed to FIGHT for better educationstandards, these students struggle for survival. The people who attend theelitist private schools often have enough scrilla scratch paper, which is adefinition in slang terms for money, to attend one of these insidious institutesof "finer education", which will supposedly make you better than most publicschool students, and these students are generally worse off, if not possessing ahumble mind-state.This is sadly the perverted Democratic Capitalistic system in its true, limpidform. The more money you compound in that greedy bank, which holds thelife-blood of your economic future, and the more you spend that money,especially in credit form, the more patriotic (and better) you are in the eyes ofthe local, State, and Federal Governments. American education institutions aresuch pieces of dog feces intellectually, it cannot be surprising that statisticallythe average user of Social Media (Face-Book, Twitter, etc etc) CANNOT READBEYOND a simple ninth (9th) grade reading level. To clarify this horrifyingtruth, these dumb bastards are unable to read either “To Kill a Mockingbird” or“The Great Gatsby”.This is a shockingly, monstrous TRUE fact in regards to The United States ofAmerica's abysmal Educational System. For this tragically atrocious reason, I amconsidered strange and odd, for not only as a reader of meaningful books butalso because of my indubitable value as a stupendous Word-Bully, whose

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