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Published by bsheehan

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Published by: bsheehan on Jul 09, 2012
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For Internal Use Only
POSTPlan Implementation – PMR Opportunity
 These FAQs reflect questions that were submitted by Area and Field HR personnel, regardingPOSTPlan Implementation.
It was shared by Operations that the pay structure for Level 2 & 4 officeswill be $11.76 per hour. Do we have the flexibility to offer PMR positionsat the lower rate of $9.45 as previously offered?
 Yes, you can continue to hire PMRs at whatever local rates that you are able (evenbelow $11.76), if these PMRs are not in the POSTPlan office. If they are in thePOSTPlan office, they have to be hired at $11.76.
2.Are the PMR’s not currently making the $11.76 salary being adjusted tothis new pay rate? If so, when?
No. Only PMRs hired as part of the POSTPlan offices will have the $11.76 salary.We will not adjust any other salaries.
PMR’s currently making over the $16.80 rate; will they continue to beauthorized at this rate? If not have we considered MSPB rights with therate being adjusted down?
Under the POSTPlan, we will NOT reduce salaries.
4.Will the Area’s continue to have the authority to grant exceptions tosalary up to $16.80? (Western Area has concerns with the Bakken OilField area in North Dakota which covers 25,000 miles as an example.Salaries are inflated due to this oil exploration and drilling).
At this time, salary exceptions at the Area level are not allowed. HQCompensation will identify an exception process for senior management’sapproval. Once approved, it will be communicated to the Areas.
5.What is the guidance regarding leave for POSTPlan PMRs?
Under the POSTPlan, PMRs are entitled to one hour of leave to every 20 hours inpay status per pay period. This is similar to the provision for PSEs and NALCtemporary employees (TEs). This applies to all PMRs, even those not in POSTPlanOffices. This is expected to be in effect the first pay period of the next fiscal year(October 6th). We believe this to be around the time for the POSTPlan to begin totake place. Re-employed Annuitants will not earn any leave
6.Will job descriptions for PMR’s be updated for postings?
 Yes. A review of the job description is currently in progress and may also require anew occupation code.
7.Without new Occ Codes, how will the eCareer Requisition populate withthe correct salaries?
 The Salary field in eCareer for PMR external postings is populated by the processorand is an editable field allowing for input of the correct hourly rate.
8.What guidance is available to start posting for PMR positions now?
Current PMR vacancies can be posted now and are not affected by potential new
position descriptions and Occ codes for POSTPlan PMRs.
9.Do we have a listing of offices that will be level 2, 4 and 6 by District?
 The listing of all level 2, 4, and 6 POSTPlan offices are available now on CSDC onthe Blue Pagehttp://csdc/post/post.html
10.Will a level 6 PTPO have a PMR? If yes, will they work Saturdays orwill the PTPM be required to work 6 days a week? If no, who will coverfor absences?
 The 6-hour PTPO will have a PMR to provide coverage when the Postmaster is non-scheduled or absent.
Recently upgraded level 18 PMs will have to terminate their PMR, whatwill be the effective date? Will consideration be given to allow them tolateral into a PSE position or does the office have to utilize eCareer tolocate a replacement?
Per confirmation from Labor Relations, the PMRs in the Level 18 offices are toremain until further notice. A PMR cannot “lateral” into a PSE. PSE positions mustbe filled competitively in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Are the PMRs for the 11's & 13's eligible to apply for the same officewhen upgraded to Level 18 and 6 hr. office vacancies? I know they arenot career, but do you know of any plans to allow them to be eligible toapply?
A PMR in an office scheduled to change to a Level 18 or career 6-hour office willlikely remain as the PMR for coverage on Saturdays and when the Postmaster isabsent.
13.In the smaller level offices, PMRs were previously allowed to apply forPM vacancies in their office. What flexibility is there to apply for futurePM postings?
Current policy in Handbook EL-312, Section 743.14 states "
EAS-16 and below postmaster 
- Postmaster relief/leave replacements (PMR/LRs) may apply andcompete for postmaster vacancies within their district. When the PMR/LR appliesfor his or her Post Office, the PMR/LR must be considered by the selecting officialat that Post Office.’
14.Has the eligibility been established for the career 6 hr. offices?
 This question may refer to “eligibility related to the Postmaster position” or“eligibility related to the PMR position.” Eligibility for the Postmaster position inthe career 6-hour offices will be a permanent assignment through the current EASposting/selection procedures. After the completion of the limited area of consideration posting/selection cycles, consideration will be given to currentpostmasters' requests for non-competitive placement into the 6-hour offices as alateral or change to lower level. The 6-hour career post offices are eligible to have a PMR for coverage in theabsence of the Postmaster.
If a Post Office was approved to close and the Postmaster lateralled toanother EAS-15 same level office and now the EAS-15 office, scheduledto close, goes to a Level 18; is there any consideration to cancel thelateral action and allow that Postmaster to return to that same office inthe upgraded level?
 The lateral action cannot be cancelled if a Form 50 has already been processed. If 
July 9, 20122
For Internal Use Only
the form 50 has been processed and the Postmaster has been lateralled out, theaction continues and will not be cancelled. If the 50 has not been processed, thenthe Postmaster can stay in the office being upgraded.
Can we modify a PMR Form 50 who only works at one office to includeworking at other offices?
 Yes, current policy and Form 50 process allow for Dual PMRs to have more thanone Form 50. There is a limit to not exceed four offices.Current policy and Form 50 processing allows for up to four (4) Dual Appointmentswhich include acceptable PMR dual combinations. Assuming all dual appointmentsare to a PMR position, an employee may have up to four (4) Form 50s as a PMR.
17.If a PMR is going to work in multiple offices, how will the travelbetween offices be charged?
 Travel charges between offices will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis inaccordance with the FLSA and ELM 438.123
A retired Postal Service applicant can serve as a TRC or PMR/LR for aperiod limited to 180 days in a calendar year without an offset to his orher annuity under a dual compensation waiver granted by the Office of Personnel Management. Will this be modified to include PSE's coded asan 818, as these PSEs are comparable to a PMR?
No. There are no plans to modify this authority to include PSEs.
Will we receive an SOP for addressing the filling of lower level officesthat are currently vacant?
 The telecom discussion held with Area and District HR representatives on June13th & 14th provided the procedures for filling PMR positions in the lower leveloffices. The presentation PMR Selection” is posted on the OE/Hiring & Placementwebpage, under the sub-heading:
Hiring Annuitants as TRC or PMR/LR.
Further discussions have been held with the Delivery Field Performance Teamregarding the POStPlan approach. A document outlining the guidance on fillingpostmaster vacancies and relief positions will be developed for dissemination toArea Human Resources
20.If there's currently a career clerk serving as an OIC in an office beingreduced to a Level 2 or 4, at what point would we have to staff thatoffice with a non-career employee?
Non-career staffing will not occur until the office officially becomes a POSTPlanoffice with level reduction. The PRC advisory opinion is expected August 23rd.Once the opinion comes back, Dean Granholm will lead the POSTPlan phasedimplementation. The POSTPlan implementation is expected to begin at the rate of approximately five offices per District, per week, starting with the vacant offices. The survey to the community will be done first, the survey results will be received,and then community meetings will be scheduled. The District Manager designeewill go on site for the community meeting, they will receive the community’sfeedback and recommendations regarding which path they want to take based on

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