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Changemakers Publicity Guide

Changemakers Publicity Guide

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Published by _sdp

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Published by: _sdp on Jul 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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thANk you foRENtERING thEcomPEtItIoN!
We know you want to generatea big turnout in support o yourentry, so we are giving you thisPublicity Tool Kit to help you inyour promotion eorts. It outlinesseveral ways you can maximizeoutreach to your network o partners, clients, and media –even i you have limited time orunds. The tool kit will prepare youto engage with the media andpotential unders. Use these ideasto share your story with the globalonline community and increasethe support you get. This will alsohelp you gain publicity or yourinnovation.Remember, the more othershear about your work, the morethey care about your work.Involvement by the onlinecommunity is helpul becauseit increases awareness, soencourage all your constituentsto read about your project andcomment on your entry online.Create a press release about the newest developments o your work and o yourparticipation and send to media in your community or country. Don’t orget toinclude industry press and media contacts, along with business media contacts inyour network. There is a sample press release or your use on the ChangemakersResources Group.
Step 1:Compile a complete media list or distribution
 (either electronically or as a hard copy)Magazines and other publications have too long o a lead-time or your time-sensitive press release, but local newspapers and wire services are good mediacontacts to tap.Also, consider aliated NGOs, related organizations, government agencies,and other companies that may be interested in receiving this news. Most haveinternal newsletters.Remember to include radio broadcasters on your media list. Contact the programeditors o talk or special interest programs.Get the name o a journalist, where possible, so that the release is more likely tobe opened and reviewed.There are also many ree wire service websites you can nd on the internet.
Step 2:Send the release
I sending electronically, it is best to include the title in the subject line so it willnot be viewed as SPAM. The release can either be attached or embedded into thebody o the email.I you are sending a hard copy, make sure that the envelope includes a “timesensitive release” date. Send rst-class post.Attach the appropriate name, telephone, and email address or media tocontact with any questions or requests. (For the hard copy, this can be placed onletterhead and stapled onto the back o the printed release. Add this inormationin the body o the email i distributing electronically.)
Step 3:Load the press release on your own website
to make sure that anyonebrowsing your site will be able to nd and download the inormation.
 WAyS toINcREASE PublIcIty 
Step 1:Save each o your images in JPG ormat on your computer.
Name eachphoto so that users can dierentiate your images rom other entrants’. Make surethey maintain the high resolution (rather than converting to thumbnail), so thatmedia can use the images in articles or blogs.
Step 2:In a separate Word document, create an inormation sheet tocorrespond with the images:
Include any photo credits or rights permissions required or usage o thephotograph. I there is no photo credit or i you are granting unlimited usage,then state that the image has “Unlimited Rights and Permissions.”Create a caption or each image: a one-sentence description about the content o the photograph. Also make sure that you identiy any people in the photograph.(You need to obtain written permission rom them that you can use their imageto promote your entry.)
Step 3:Upload the images and the usage document onto your website.Step 4:Create a personal account on Flickr (www.ickr.com)
and upload theimages and the corresponding usage inormation. (Flickr is an online photo gallerywhere you can upload images or anyone to view. You can control downloadand usage by the criteria you select.) You have to sign up with a Yahoo! account(username and password) to access the site. It’s easy to do, and instructions areright on the homepage.You can choose to upload either photos or videos (FYI: Videos are limited to 90seconds in length and 150 MB in le size. I you have a longer or larger video,check out the options listed in Idea #3.)Make sure you tag as many relevant search categories and groups so people caneasily nd you. Suggested Keywords: Ashoka, Changemakers, competition, plusany special subjects that relate to your innovation.Add Ashoka’s Changemakers as a contact. This will allow you to keep up to datewith our photos and view the latest uploads on your contact or homepage.Go to the Ashoka’s Changemakers prole (http://www.fickr.com/photos/ashoka-changemakers/) to view a list o our Groups. We have designated Changemakersgroups in both English and Spanish. Once you locate the Changemakers group inyour language, click to become a member.Add photos or video to the group using the button located at the top o the pagenext to the words ‘Group Pool.’Copy the complete URL (the address or accessing the uploaded photos) anduse as a link on your website or direct connection to the Flickr site or share withothers in your network via email by clicking the ‘share this’ button on the rightside o the page.
Secure at least fve high-qualityphotographs (in JPG ormatwith minimum resolution o 300dpi) that show your innovationin action as well as any keypersonnel.
Upload directly tothe Changemakers Flickr GroupPool in English (http://www.fickr.com/groups/1226760@N22/) or inSpanish (http://www.fickr.com/groups/1170505@N25/), your ownwebsite, and to your competitionpage on the Changemakerswebsite or use by visiting journalists and potential voters.

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