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NJ CC Poll Topline Results July 9

NJ CC Poll Topline Results July 9

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Published by: nationaljournal on Jul 10, 2012
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Princeton Survey Research Associates International July 2012 Omnibus Week 1
July 2012 Omnibus Week 1Princeton Survey Research Associates International
Final ToplineJuly 9, 2012Total: 1,004 adults age 18 and olderMargin of error: Plus or minus 3.7 percentage pointsInterviewing dates: July 5-8, 2012LANDLINE INTRO:Hello, my name is ________ and I'm calling for Princeton Survey Research. We’re conducting astudy about some important issues today, and would like to include your household.RANDOMIZE RESPONDENT SELECTION - DO NOT RANDOMIZE BY FORM: “May I please speak with the YOUNGEST ADULT MALE, age 18 or older, who is now at home?” AND “May I pleasespeak with the YOUNGEST ADULT FEMALE, age 18 or older, who is now at home?” IF NOMALE/FEMALE ASK: May I please speak with the YOUNGEST ADULT FEMALE/MALE, age 18 orolder, who is now at home?CELL PHONE INTRO:Hello, I am ___ calling for Princeton Survey Research. We are conducting a national study of cell phone users. I know I am calling you on a cell phone. This is not a sales call. (IF R SAYSDRIVING/UNABLE TO TAKE CALL: Thank you. We will try you another time...)CELL PHONE SCREENING INTERVIEW:S1. Are you under 18 years old, OR are you 18 or older?1 Under 182 18 or older9 Don’t know/RefusedIF S1=2, CONTINUE WITH MAIN INTERVIEWIF S1=1,9, THANK AND TERMINATE: This study is limited to adults age 18 and over. I won’ttake any more of your time...READ TO ALL CELL PHONE - INTRODUCTION TO MAIN INTERVIEW: We’re interested inlearning more about people with cell phones. If you are now driving a car or doing any activityrequiring your full attention, I need to call you back later. The first question is...Notes: Due to rounding, percentages may not add to 100. An asterisk (*) indicates values lessthan 0.5%.
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Princeton Survey Research Associates International July 2012 Omnibus Week 1
READ TO ALL: Thinking ahead to the elections this November…CC1 Do you think the representative in Congress from your district has performed his or her job well enough to deserve re-election, or do you think it's time to give a new person achance?
Based on registered voters (n=787) 
Deservesre-electionTime for newperson(VOL.)Depends oncandidates(VOL.)Don’t know/RefusedJuly 5 8, 2012 RV 35 51 2 12 Apr 19-22, 2012 RV 38 48 1 13Dec 8-11, 2011
RV 34 50 2 14Jul 28-31, 2011
31 53 1 14Oct 21-26, 2010
LV 34 58 3 5Sept 10-14, 2010 RV 34 55 3 8Oct 27-31, 2006 LV 49 42 2 7Oct 5-8, 2006 RV 43 47 1 9CC2. Regardless of how you feel about your representative would you like to see mostmembers of Congress reelected in the next election?
Based on registered voters (n=787) 
 Yes No(VOL.)Don’t know/RefusedJuly 5 8, 2012 RV 28 61 10Dec 7 – 11, 2011 RV
20 67 13Oct 27 30, 2010 RV 35 51 13 Aug 25 – Sep 6, 2010 RV 33 56 11Oct 17 22, 2006 RV 34 49 17Sep 21 Oct 4, 2006 RV 32 48 20
December and July 2011 are PSRAI/CC Omnibus trends. For December RV’s, n=774.
Not asked of registered voters.
All other trends are CBS News/New York Times.
All other trends are Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
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Princeton Survey Research Associates International July 2012 Omnibus Week 1
 ASK ALLCC3. Thinking about the U.S. Congress… Please tell me how important you think it is forCongress to reach agreement on each of the following BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR.First, how important is it that Congress agrees to…[INSERT ITEM; RANDOMIZE]? Next,[INSERT ITEM; RANDOMIZE].[READ FOR FIRST ITEM, THEN REPEAT AS NECESSARY: Is it very important, somewhatimportant, not too important, or not at all important for Congress to do this before theend of this year?] VeryImportantSomewhatImportantNot tooImportantNot at allImportant(VOL.)Don’t know/Refuseda.
Pass a plan to create jobsmostly through tax cuts tosmall and large businessesJuly 5 8, 2012 52 29 9 6 4b.
Repeal or do away withthe president’s health careplanJuly 5 8, 2012 49 14 10 22 4c.
New federal spending totry to create jobs byrehabilitating publicschools, improving roadsand mass transit, andpreventing layoffs of teachers, police officersand other first respondersJuly 5 8, 2012 70 17 6 5 3Nov 3 6, 2011 68 16 7 6 2d.
Extend the Bush era taxcuts for all taxpayersJuly 5 8, 2012 40 28 12 13 6e.
Extend the tax cuts justfor families earning lessthan $250,000July 5 8, 2012 60 22 8 8 3

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