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Liberty Newspost July-09-2012

Liberty Newspost July-09-2012

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A compelling mix of curated news.
A compelling mix of curated news.

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Jul 10, 2012
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Curated News Editionhttp://www.LibertyNewspost.com- 10/07/12
Submitted at 7/9/2012 4:57:40 PM
Five men were indicted in theDecember 2010 murder of U.S.Border Patrol Agent Brian Terryand a $1 million reward wasoffered leading to the capture of those still at large. Theannouncement was made byLaura Duffy, U.S. Attorney forthe Southern District of California.Speaking in Tucson, where theindictment was initially filed bythe Arizona U.S. Attorney’soffice, Duffy said, “the indictmentunsealed today reflects theprogress our dedicated lawenforcement team has madepiecing together this complexmurder case. But there is morework to be done and we will notrest until we bring justice to thefamily of Brian Terry.”The Arizona U.S. Attorney wasrecused from the case after it wasdiscovered it had overseen thegun-walking operation Fast andFurious in conjunction with theBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,Firearms and Explosives.It was Border Patrol AgentTerry’skilling, 11 miles from theMexican border in Arizona, thatled investigators to thecontroversial operation know asFast and Furious, where ATFagents allowed the sale of firearms to individuals withknown ties to Mexican drugcartels in hopes of identifying guntraffickers as well as finding outinformation about the cartels.It is believed that one of thosefirearms was used to kill AgentTerry.The Terry family, while praisingDuffy’s efforts, also expressedtheir displeasure over the lack of progress in the investigation intoFast and Furious, which theyreferred to in a statement as“stalled”. Speaking through theirattorney, they stated that “theTerry family once again asks thatthe Attorney General and theDepartment of Justice complywith the request for documentsmade by the House Oversight andGovernment Reform Committeeso that all Americans can knowwho approved of the operation inorder that those individuals can beheld accountable for theirdecisions.”In fact, the House of Representatives voted to holdAttorney General Eric Holder incontemptover the refusal of theJustice Department to complywith an Oversight Committeesubpoena to release documentsrelating to Fast and Furious twoweeks prior to Monday’sannouncement.Timing of the announcement wasnot lost on Oversight CommitteeChairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who, speaking withFoxNews, said “I applaud whatthey’re doing, but I condemn thetiming. It’s very clear that thetiming has everything to do withthe House of Representativesholding Eric Holder in contempt.”Following the indictment, Holdersaid in a statement, “Agent Terryserved his country honorably andmade the ultimate sacrifice intrying to protect it from harm, andwe will stop at nothing to bringthose responsible for his murderto justice.”Of the five individuals indicted,two are currently in custody.Manuel Osorio-Arellanes wasapprehended the night of theshooting, while Rito Osorio-Arellanes was arrested shortlyafter on immigration charges andis being held on the lesser chargeof “conspiracy to interfere withcommerce by robbery.” JesusRosario Favela-Astorga, IvanSoto-Barraza, Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes and Lionel Portillo-Meza, however, remain at large.For more information on theindictment, click here.This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readthe FAQ atfivefilters.org/content-only/faq.php#publishers.FiveFiltersrecommends:IncineratingAssange - The Liberal Media GoTo Work .[unable to retrieve full-textcontent][unable to retrieve full-textcontent][unable to retrieve full-textcontent]
2Curated News Edition
Submitted at 7/9/2012 9:56:29 PM
By Dina Zayed andYasmineSalehCAIRO| Mon Jul 9, 201210:56pm EDT(Reuters) - Egypt's parliamentaryspeaker said the chamber wouldreconvene on Tuesday after thenew, Islamist president defied thegenerals by quashing theirdecision to dissolve the assemblylast month.Responding a day after MohamedMursi's decree, the army onMonday defended its action todissolve parliament and, in anapparent swipe at the president,said it was confident "all stateinstitutions" would respect theconstitution and the law.The row, barely a week sinceMursi took office, threatens newuncertainty for a nation whoseeconomy is on the ropes andwhere many are anxious for anend to the political turmoil after17 turbulent months since the fallof Hosni Mubarak.Parliament speaker Saad al-Katatni, in remarks carried by thestate news agency, said the lowerhouse would sit from noon (1000GMT) on Tuesday, in defiance of the army's order to dismissparliament a month ago, a movebased on a court ruling.Katatni, like Mursi, hails fromthe Muslim Brotherhood, the long-time adversary of Mubarak andthe other military men who ruledEgypt for six decades until June30, when power was formallyhanded over to Mursi by the armycouncil."Early confrontation," wrote Al-Akhbar newspaper, summing upMursi's decision which could enda brief honeymoon with themilitary council, led by FieldMarshal Hussein Tantawi.Yet earlier in the day, Mursi andTantawi showed no hint of discord when the presidentattended a military parade. Seatedside-by-side, Mursi and Tantawiturned to each other in a brief  jovial exchange, television imagesshowed.The military council which hadrun Egypt since Mubarak wastoppled in February 2011 soughtto trim the president's authoritybefore the handover on June 30. Ithad dissolved parliament andtaken legislative power for itself.Mursi's decision hands thosepowers back to a parliamentpacked with his Islamist allies. Healso ordered new elections forparliament - once a constitution ispassed by referendum.The dispute is part of a broaderpower struggle which could takeyears to play out, pitting longsidelined Islamists against thegenerals seeking to keep theirprivileges and status and a widerestablishment still filled withMubarak-era officials.Responding to Mursi's challenge,the military council said in astatement read out on statetelevision it had dissolvedparliament based on ruling by theSupreme Constitutional Court,and had always acting to support"the will of the people."It also said it "was confident allinstitutions of state will respectconstitutional decrees", anapparent jibe at the Brotherhoodpresident, and affirmed "theimportance of the sovereignty of law and the constitution" toprotect the state.After a meeting over Mursi'sdecree, the supreme court said itsdecisions were final and binding,and said it would review caseschallenging the decree'sconstitutionality on Tuesday.PLAYING DOWNCONFRONTATIONAs well as riling the army and judiciary, the move raises tensionsbetween the Brotherhood, thebiggest winners so far in Egypt'spolitical transformation, andliberal and other groupsconcerned by what they see as anIslamist power grab.The Egyptian Social DemocraticParty, which has a handful of seats in parliament, condemnedthe president's recall of theassembly, saying it was a"violation of the judicial power"and resembled the high-handedapproach long seen from thearmy.About 1,000 people gathered inCairo's prosperous Nasser Citysuburb to protest against Mursi'sdecision and call for parliamentnot to convene. The Brotherhoodcalled on its website for a show of support for Mursi on the streets onTuesday.But the Brotherhood playeddown any dispute."We affirm that there is noconfrontation with the judiciaryand the decision respects theverdict of the constitutionalcourt," said presidential aideYasser Ali.Katatni said parliament woulddiscuss on Tuesday "how toimplement the court ruling" thatdeclared the assembly void and alegal committee would be askedto draw up proposals.Some analysts said Mursi'sdecision to order early electionscould offer a compromise byacknowledging the court'sassertion that the election to thechamber breached some legalrules.One European diplomatic sourcesaid recalling parliament gaveMursi leverage over the military,but could also placate Islamistswho dominate the assembly sothat Mursi would have a freerhand to pick a broader cabinetwith non-Islamist members."The test will come when we seehow the soldiers guarding theparliament building behave whenMPs try to convene," the sourcesaid.In a sign the generals may notchallenge Mursi head on, the statenews agency reported that guardsat parliament had allowed somemembers into the building onMonday. It had been declared off limits when the army ordered thechamber dissolved.The military council has lessformal room for maneuver nowthat it has transferred presidentialpowers to Mursi, even if it hasremoved some powers from thatoffice. He, however, is in aposition that would have seemedunimaginably strong to theBrotherhood a year and half ago,when it was still banned and itsmembers were being hounded byMubarak.ECONOMIC CRISISIn one of his most high-profilemeetings since taking office,Mursi met U.S. Deputy Secretaryof State William Burns at thepresidential palace on Sunday,signaling the new ties Washingtonis forging with resurgent Islamistsin the region.Burns pledged that the UnitedStates, which grants the Egyptianarmed forces $1.3 billion a year inmilitary aid, would supportEgypt's economy, which has beenhemorrhaging cash and is headingfor a balance of payments andbudget crisis.Once a darling of emergingmarket fund managers, Egypt haswatched foreign investors flee andits vital tourist trade has taken abig knock from the turmoil of thelast year and a half.Foreign reserves have plunged toabout $15.5 billion, less than half their level before anti-Mubarak protests erupted, and thegovernment has been forced topay double-digit interest rates,
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3Curated News Edition
Submitted at 7/9/2012 4:41:32 PM
U.S. Republican presidentialcandidate and formerMassachusetts Governor MittRomney smiles with his wife Ann(L) after addressing a crowd of supporters after taking part in theWolfeboro Fourth of July Paradein Wolfeboro, New HampshireJuly 4, 2012.Credit: Reuters/Jessica RinaldiByAlina SelyukhandJeff Mason WASHINGTON| Mon Jul 9,2012 5:41pm EDT(Reuters) - U.S. Republicanpresidential candidate MittRomney raised $106 million inJune, far surpassing PresidentBarack Obama's $71 million haulin the record-setting money raceleading to the November 6election.Romney's fundraising mark,announced by his campaign onMonday, is the best monthly totalso far in the 2012 presidentialcampaign. It is another sign thatRomney and his allies are oncourse to wash away any cashadvantage that Obama, as anincumbent president, typicallywould enjoy in a bid for re-election.Romney's effort is being fueledlargely by big-money donors whohave poured cash into hiscampaign, the RepublicanNational Committee's electionfunds and independent "SuperPACs," or political actioncommittees, that supportRepublicans.The former Massachusettsgovernor and the RNC haveraised at least $389 million todate, less than the $512 millionObama has collected for hiscampaign and the DemocraticNational Committee, according tofederal disclosures and Monday'sannouncements.But that gap is narrowing.In May, the Romney campaign'sfundraising - driven in part byevents such as a dinner in LasVegas that was hosted by DonaldTrump and raised about $2million - topped Obama'sfundraising for the first time. TheJune figures reported by thecampaigns on Monday continuedthat trend.Meanwhile, Romney's efforts aregetting a big boost fromRepublicans' embrace of SuperPACs, which unlike campaignshave no limits on how much theycan raise from individuals.Figures for June will not beavailable until later this month,but through May, Restore OurFuture, a pro-Romney SuperPAC, had raised more than $61million. American Crossroads,another conservative Super PAChelping Romney, had raised morethan $34 million.American Crossroads revealed onMonday that it has booked $40million worth of TV air time innine key states for the two monthsleading up to the election.The PAC supporting Obama,Priorities USA Action, had raised just $14.3 million through the endof May.Taken together, the fundraisingfor each side in the presidentialrace is close, but Romney and thegroups that support him areraising money at a faster pacethan Obama and his Democraticallies.The Romney team's fundraisinghas set off alarms amongDemocrats at a time when Obamahas a slim lead in most polls."This is no joke. If we can't keepthe money race close, it becomesthat much harder to win inNovember," Obama campaign'schief operating officer Ann MarieHabershaw wrote in an email tosupporters, titled "We could loseif this continues."A 'STATEMENT' BY VOTERS?Romney's campaign touted theJune figures as a sign of hisgrowing momentum and as anindication that its efforts to buildgrassroots support among smalldonors are working."This month's fundraising is astatement from voters that theywant a change of direction inWashington," said SpencerZwick, Romney's finance chief.But the figures released byRomney's campaign indicated thatnearly 80 percent of the total forJune came from just 6 percent of the donations it received -meaning that big-money donorsare driving most of the campaign'seffort.About $22.3 million, or roughlyone-fifth of the Romneycampaign's total for June, came indonations of $250 or less, whichgenerally are seen as a gauge forgrassroots support.That followed a trend inRomney's monthly fundraisingreports. In April, about 75 percentof Romney's cash came from 5percent of his donations. In May,84 percent of his cash came from7 percent of his donations.Federal disclosures show thatthrough the end of May, 11percent of Romney's donationshad come from those who gave$200 or less, according to analysisby the non-partisan CampaignFinance Institute. By comparison,41 percent of the Obamacampaign's donors had given $200or less.Obama's campaign has not saidhow much it raised from suchdonors in June, but it has said itsaverage donation was $52.54.A FUNDRAISING RUSHCampaigns can take in only$2,500 per donor for the primaryseason, and again for the generalelection. But the funds thecandidates share with the nationalparties can accept just over$75,000.Since Romney emerged as theclear Republican nominee in May,he and Obama each have attendeddozens of fundraisers whereguests have paid as much as$75,000 per ticket.Romney's latest haul - anestimated $4 million - came overthe weekend, from fundraisers inthe exclusive Hamptonscommunities on New York's LongIsland. One was at the home of David Koch, a conservativefinancier who runs oil and gasconglomerate Koch Industrieswith his brother Charles. Guestspaid $50,000 per person or$75,000 per couple.Obama was to attend twofundraisers on Monday at theMandarin Hotel in Washington;each expected to attract about 20attendees paying $40,000 perticket.Romney's connections to WallStreet - he is a former privateequity executive with anestimated personal fortune of upto $250 million - have helped hisfundraising there. So has thefrustration that some financiers
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