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Arsenal Trust Qestionnaire 2012 Results

Arsenal Trust Qestionnaire 2012 Results

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Published by Deals Nigeria
Arsenal Trust Questionnaire Results 2012
Arsenal Trust Questionnaire Results 2012

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Published by: Deals Nigeria on Jul 10, 2012
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 Annual Membership SurveyExecutive Summary 2012
 A About You
1.Which o the ollowing describe your relationship with Arsenal Football Club?
(Respondents ticked more than 1 category)
Shareholder:Platinum (Club) member:Gold member (Season ticket):Silver member:Red member:Away scheme member:Overseas supporter:Fanshare member:Junior Gunner:
Questionnaires were sent to 1067 AST members at the end o the 2011/12 season. 636responses were received, representing 60% o the membership. This year’s survey hasseen a 65% increase in the number o respondents compared with 2011BOwnership And Governance
2.Since his takeover in May 2011 are you satisfed with Stan Kroenkes explanation o his Vision or ArsenalFootball Club?
Yes: No:No View:
3.Do you think Stan Kroenke should make it a priority to support the Arsenal Fanshare scheme which wasestablished by the AST to give more supporters involvement in Arsenal’s ownership structure?
Yes: No:No View:
4.Both Stan Kroenke and the Arsenal Board continue to reiterate their commitment to Arsenal’s Sel-Sustaining model (where the club only spends the revenues it raises) and reject suggestions that eithero its two main shareholders invest money into the club. Which o the ollowing models would you preer Arsenal to ollow?
a. Sel-Sustaining model (only spending club revenues earned)b. Outside investment into the club (beneactor model)7066604517110530117113%75%12%82%7%11%60%40%
5.Earlier this season the AST urged the Arsenal Board to review their business model, and, while supportive othe general principle o sustainability, urged them to ully review options or injecting additional cash into theclub such as through a rights issue or short-term loan against uture income. Do you support this approach?
Yes: No:No View:80%15%5%
6.Do you think Stan Kroenke should invite Red and White Holdings, which now owns a stake o just under30% in Arsenal, to be represented on the club’s Board?
Yes: No:No View:82%12%6%
BOwnership And Governance (Cont.)
7.Do you think Peter Hill-Wood is an eective non-executive Chairman o Arsenal Football Club?
Yes: No:No View:
8.Do you think that any new appointments are needed to the Board o Arsenal?
Yes: No:No View:
10.Do you think ormer Board member David Dein should be invited to play a role in Arsenal again?
Yes: No:No View:20%54%26%83%6%11%72%17%11%
CO-Field Management
11.How would you assess the perormance o Arsenal CEO, Ivan Gazidis, and his senior management teamon each o the ollowing o-feld activities?
Enhancing the an experience at ArsenalOpenness and honesty over club fnances andfnancial perormanceListening to ans’ views and explainingdecisions that aect themGrowing commercial revenuesPromoting the club’s interests with the ootballauthorities and having a voice commensurateto Arsenal’s standing in the game
Good/Very GoodAverage/UnsureVery Poor/Poor
12.Do you agree with Arsenal’s decision to reeze General Admission season ticket prices this year?
Yes: No:No View:89%3%8%
9.I you answered Yes to question 8, please rank in order o importance the ollowing skillsets that might berepresented on the Board o Arsenal?
(The following records the skillset judged most important)
Football experience and understanding o the global transer marketUnderstanding Arsenal’s values and traditions (being a long-term an)Commercial and Marketing expertiseRepresenting the views o Supporters20%20%25%35%
CO-Field Management (Cont.)
13.Last year Ivan Gazidis instigated a major review o Arsenal’s ticketing policies. Are you satisfed with thenew ticketing arrangements that Arsenal have announced?
Yes: No:No View:
14.Do you think that the ticket prices Arsenal charge provide good value or money?
Yes: No:No View:
15.How do you perceive that Arsenal looks ater and stands up or the interests o its supporters comparedto other Premier League clubs?
Better: Worse:Same:29%33%38%31%56%13%26%21%53%
DFootball Perormance
16.How satisfed are you with Arsenal’s ootball perormance in recent years?
Highly Satisfed: Satisfed:Slightly Satisfed:Unsatisfed:
17.Do you support Arsène Wenger remaining manager o Arsenal?
Yes: No:No View:
19.Do you think it is more important that Arsenal qualiy or the Champions League rather than win one orboth o the domestic cups (FA Cup/League Cup)?
Yes: No:No View:77%15%8%1.5%20%40.5%38%76%18%6%
18.In assessing Arsenal’s ootball perormance, how do you rank the abilities o Arsène Wenger and hisootball support team on the ollowing attributes?
Playing attractive and entertaining ootballNurturing and developing young playersPreparing the team to be mentally ready and ‘up’or all games Adapting selection, tactics and substitutions tobeat the oppositionEectiveness in the transer marketDeensive preparation and coaching
Good/Very GoodAverage/UnsureVery Poor/Poor

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