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Lesson Plan Recreation

Lesson Plan Recreation

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Published by Jess Matthew

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Published by: Jess Matthew on Jul 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Michigan State University, Educational Technology Programshttp://edutech.msu.edu
Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan - Body Systems Introduction
Author - Jess Matthew
A problem or a need
– Students need to understand how the different body systemswork. They will generate the questions and information they wish to learn and will laterfind answers to their questions through their own research.
A real-world performance
– Our bodies must keep a relatively constant internalenvironment to function property. The various body systems help maintainhomeostasis. These body systems are working all day every day and students shouldhave minimal knowledge about some of the systems such as the digestive system,circulatory system, and respiratory system. Through research students will be able tosee why problems such as poor circulation, lactose intolerance, and high/low bloodpressure arise.
An instructional objective
Students will be able to generate meaningful questions about the human body systems.
Students will be able to create a Popple to organize their questions.
Students will be able to use the Internet to find answers to their questions.
Students will be a contributing group member and effectively work together throughout the duration of the assignment.
Students will be able to create a Prezi and teaching their findings to the class.
Students will be able to look at different cases, such as lactose intolerance, and explain what body system is affected and why.
A set of essential content
Students will create a Popple to organize their questions and ideas.
Students will use various search engines and reputable sites to answer theirquestions.
Students will work in their groups to create a Prezi about their body system.
Students will present their findings and play the role of the “teacher” to the peerswhen relaying information about their assigned body system.
An evaluation consisting of a test or observation
– At the end of class students willsave and print out their Popples. I will be circulating the room during the class periodand assisting them with the program if needed so hopefully their thoughts will be laidout in an organized manner. I will look over the Popples overnight to give feedback onthe questions they generated and on the overall layout of the Popple. The formalassessment for this unit would be evaluating the Prezi students will make further downthe line and a quiz over all of the body systems. Theses Popple’s will also be used asthe guided notesheets during the presentations of the body systems further down theline. This gives their Popple’s a bit more meaning because it’s not something they justturn in and never use again. It is setting up the basis of their research andpresentation.
A method to help participants learn
– This lesson (and the lessons following) will beinquiry-based. Students are coming up with the questions they with to answer.Students are created a Popple to organize their questions, which will then be used as theguided notesheets for the presentations. Students will be doing the research to becomeexperts on their body systems and will work together in their groups to create aninteresting and unique presentation. Students will take ownership over this assignmentbecause they are setting their own guidelines. They have freedom and flexibility indeciding what to research and how to create their Prezi.
Michigan State University, Educational Technology Programshttp://edutech.msu.edu
– Biology can be hard for students sometimes because attimes we talk about topics that are either so broad/large-scaled or sosmall/microscopic that it is hard to students to find a connection to the material.I believe students will be interested in the body systems because it is somethingthey can directly relate to and see. They can feel the circulatory system workingwhen they breathe, they can feel the digestive process beginning to work as soonas they start chewing their food, etc. I also think by allowing students togenerate the questions they want to answer they will be more invested in thematerial because it is under their direction. They are deciding what is importantand what they need to learn. They will eventually become the teachers whenthey present their assigned body system to the class. This is a very student-centered activity and I think students will feel a sense of ownership over theassignment.
Pleasant consequences
Students will understand how their body’s work to maintain regularinternal conditions.
Students decide what questions and topics they want to research abouttheir body system.
Students will create a Popple and learn a new way to organize theirthoughts in a brainstorming activity.
Students will create a Prezi and as groups design their presentation totheir likings.
Students will present their material and act as the “experts” on their bodysystem when teaching their peers.
– Every day on the whiteboard students see a fact of the day. The factof the day for this lesson will be “lactose intolerance is actually a dominantallele”. We will already have studied genetics and I think students will beinterested to learn this information because I believe students would assume it’sa recessive trait. I will then share the fact that I am lactose intolerant and see if anything else in the class is as well. I will ask students what they know about itand see if they can identify the breakdown in the human body caused by it. Thiswill serve as my introduction to the idea of homeostasis and how our bodysystems help to keep relatively stable internal conditions.
- As a class we will generate the 5-10 general questions that every groupwill have to answer. Afterwards I will split the class into groups and they will draw abody system out of a jar. As a group they will have to work together to generate 5more system specific questions and create a Popple to illustrate their brainstorming.Popple may be a new program for the students so I think it will be good for them towork together. I also think having more people to brainstorm with will be an asset forthem, rather than having them generate the questions on their own.
– For what audience are you designing this lesson? Consider the following:
High school sophomores (with the occasional freshman or junior)
Skill level
(including technology skills)
Students will be fairly comfortable using computers and playing aroundwith new programs but probably have not used Popple before. Studentswill be working on groups to create the Popple so they can rely on eachother for assistance if needed. Students will have had practice withgenerating questions needed for solving a problem.

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