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Painting Flowers

Painting Flowers

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Published by Sarah Wood

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Published by: Sarah Wood on Jul 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Paint Flowersand Create DynamicAction in Floral Painting
 with artist daily:
Valentine Bouquet
1991, , 20 x 16.Cc M.  Ms.P Spvch.
H,  mc c— h m  bckw S—mvshh h s mh w ws  hp  h s.
pAinting flowers with Artist dAily
iS an iMPortant eleMent in anytyPe of Painting. Here i diSCuSStHe ConCePt aS it relateS tofloral CoMPoSition.
by James Sulkowski
paint from nature, from life. With mysubject in front of me, I can observethe fall of light upon it, as well as anyatmospheric effects surrounding it. I canalso look for the larger concepts of form,shape, and movement in my compositionsthat will make for an interesting painting. Forexample, if one of my florals is taken out of focus,a larger shape will generally emerge. A bouquetof flowers becomes a spherical shape, or an eggshape, or even an S-shape; and although theindividual flowers are important, each is subordi-nate to the larger shape, concept, or idea.Renaissance artists relied on a few solid, basiccompositional elements—including the cube, thetriangle, and the sphere—and built their figurecompositions, portraits, and still lifes on these sta-ble formulae. The Baroque period of the 17th cen-tury stressed movement in sweeping diagonals,as well as with the S-shape design tool. This isthe approach that appeals to me. Dutch masters,including Jan Davidsz de Heem (1606–ca. 1684)and Rachel Ruysch (1664–1750), incorporatedthese principles into their painting; studying theirwork can be enormously helpful.
I like to build a design around a dynamic actionline. In the following examples you will see that some-times, like the Dutch masters, I will make use of theS—or even a backward S—as in my painting
. Note how in this painting the eye follows thelight. It moves through the design from the yellowflowers on the left to the pink, orange, violet, pink,and then white flowers, before continuing down andacross the composition to pick up the stem of the rosethat lies on the table, ending at its tip. The surround-ing flowers echo, or repeat, in darker colors and tonal
ths cnn hs bn b m n n c wn by Jms Sukwsk. ths pmum hs bn pubsh by inwv Pss,201 e. fuh S., lvn, Co 80537-5655; (970) 669-7672. Cpyh © 2006 by inwv Pss,  vsn  asp M, hs sv. th cnns  hs pubcn my n b puc h n wh  n p whu cnsn  h cpyh wn.
2001, , 20 x 24.Ccn Ms.ruh gsn.
th ynmc cnn cs nS-shp m hbckun  hms ws.
painting flowers with artist daily

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