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Fast and Furious and All the Kings Men

Fast and Furious and All the Kings Men

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Published by dcodrea

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Published by: dcodrea on Jul 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fast And Furious and All the King’s Men
Let’s get real about all the nonsense concerning non secured weapons loose to Mexican
Drug Cartel Members in some sort fantastic adventure novel/movie script. It is painfullyobvious that the status quo has no intention of holding anyone responsible. The entireconcept of unsecured weapons being let loose was predicated on some far off notion thatthey could be tracked. Unless you had mutant psychic powers, that would defy mostbureaucrats, the entire idea is preposterous on its face. To add insult to the injury done,the AFT, Holder and the Legions of Keystone Cops propose to answer a Congressional
Investigation that it has authority to be recklessly stupid, endanger people’s lives and
property and to vindicate a gun registry scam that these agencies have fueled. Nevermind that the targeting of Mexican Drug Cartels is as much racial profiling as looking forMexican illegal aliens in the United States because of their racial distinction or NationalOrigins. (I suppose that is why we are not looking for Canadian Drug Cartel Membersalong the Mexican Border. That would explain cause and effect, Mexican/HispanicSouthern Border-Mexican/Hispanic perpetrators and not correlation that the Departmentof Justice uses to harass the states from protecting themselves from invasion
. But doesn’t
every police department in the country and the ATF, FBI and all the alphabet agencieslog statistics by race as well as other factors as an investigative tool???)
But I digress….
 Nope we are talking about a government agency whose scheme involved, according tocurrent testimony, an element of official intent to slant the information to vie for moregun control. And let us be clear about their activities. They were not just using theweapons as a lead or causal link to track with, they actually furnished the Cartel memberswith guns directly.
As Michael Walsh of the New York Post wrote, “the Department of 
Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives apparently ordered one of its own agents topurchase firearms with taxpayer money, and sell them directly to a Mexican drug cartel.
Let that sink in: After months of pretending that ‘Fast and Furious’ was a botched
surveillance operation of illegal gun-running spearheaded by the ATF and the US
Attorney’s office in Phoenix, it turns out that the government itself was selling guns tothe bad guys.”
This was no mistake, this was intentional, it was done with thought andcareful deliberation and it was and is against the law and against the peace and dignity of the American people with intent to cause the peace to be broken in order to sway publicsentiment. The administration has offered the time worn proposition that this wasinitially a Bush Era system that they merely adopted.From the onset the Obama Administration has used every deceptive trick in the book.The outright denial, and the old blame game referencing
Bush’s past plan, the lies and the
subterfuge and the absolute refusal of responsibility on any level has been nothing but aninsult to the American People. Fortunately not all of the people are fooled all of the time.
We have real public servants at work for us who wise to this administration’s abusive use
of power such as Darryl Issa.Here is what Issa uncovered:
As our investigation into Operation Fast and Furious has progressed, we have learned that senior officals at the 
Department of Justice, including Senate-confirmed political appointees, were unquestionably aware of the 
implementation of this reckless program. Therefore, it is necessary to review commncations between and among 
these senior officials. As such, please provide all records relating to communications between and among the 
following individuals regarding Operation Fast and Furious: 1) David Ogden, Former Deputy Attorney General 
2) Gary Grindler, Office of the Attorney General and Former Acting Deputy Attorney General 
3) James Cole, Deputy Attorney General (editors note: Cole issued the  
 for border state gun 
shops Monday)
4) Lanny Breuer, Assistant Attorney General 
5) Kenneth Blanco, Deputy Assistant Attorney General 6) Jason Weinstein, Deputy Assistant Attorney General 
7) John Keeney, Deputy Assistant Attorney General 
8) Matt Axelrod, Associate Deputy Attorney General 9) Ed Siskel, Former Associate Deputy Attorney General 
10) Brad Smith, Office of the Deputy Attorney General 
11) Kevin Carwile, Section Chief, Capital Case Unit 
12) Joseph Cooley, Criminal Fraud Section 
These people have yet to be fully debriefed by the Issa Committee and it gets worse. Didyou know that the State Department has approved commercial sales of firearms toMexico? Yep all the guns from commercial sources are not from lowly FFL dealers whorun the local gun store but right out of the manufacturers to the Mexican Governmentwith blessings from such people as Hillary Clinton and crew. Please see;http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-500202_162-57337289/legal-u.s-gun-sales-to-mexico-arming-cartels/  The article goes on to say about the State Department:
“And it did approve 2,476 guns to be sold to Mexico in 2006. In 2009, that
number was up nearly 10 times, to 18,709. The State Department has sincestopped disclosing numbers of guns it approves, and wouldn't give CBS News
figures for 2010 or 2011.”
 So it would appear that the UN Arms Treaty pursued by this administration, andspecifically Hillary Clinton, is all smoke and mirrors/sleight of hand and yet another ployto disarm the American People. So all the time that the news agencies were reporting the
violence from cross border attacks, the slaughter in Mexico and the number of USfirearms crossing the border, that in part was being supported by the State Department, nomention is made to the truth. In fact the State Department knew of the firearms beingsold to Mexico and kn
ew of the Mexican Government’s
loss of these firearms into thecriminal elements. Yet the Department of State, the ATF and the other agenciesreporting to the news media and to the American People chose not to reveal thisinformation. Not only does this skew the data and the claim of the administration that thepercentage of American guns involved in the violence, it is direct evidence of theconcealment and misrepresentation of a material fact, two elements of fraud. So in effectwe can safely say that the administration and its agencies were engaged in an act todefraud the American People.Well guess what, the bad old AR 15 was the most sold by the State Department. Yep, allthe BS heard about the need to crack down on guns is to stem the violence of gunscrossing the border and into the hands of the cartels. The cause of all this need is toreduce the violence and the threat of violence. If true it would be commendable. Butthis is a small part of a bigger puzzle. However, to present a more correct propositionthat the threat of violence, the violence, the actors and their acts and the concealment of the truth in order to further a policy or agenda is by definition terrorism. By definitionfro
m the federal Government’s TRADO
C Manual on Terrorism and Counter Terrorism:http://www.fas.org/irp/threat/terrorism/guide.pdf  Terrorism is the use of Violence or thethreat of violence to effect a political change. See page 1-2 of the manual.
The calculated use of unlawful violenceor threat of unlawful violence to inculcatefear; intended to coerce or to intimidategovernments or societies in the pursuit ofgoals that are generally political, religious,or ideological.
Joint Pub 1-02
The manual goes on to say that terrorism is not necessarily intended to be a massively
destructive engine of change but is also used to induce a “psychological” effect.
Terrorism is a special type of violence. While terrorist actions may have political orother motives, terrorism is a criminal act. Although terrorism has not yet caused thephysical devastation and number of casualties normally associated with conventionalwarfare, terrorism often produces significant adverse psychological impacts.
Examplesof this impact on the United States are the 9/11 attacks and the anthrax incidents of 2001.
 Lets dissect this for a moment to analyze what we have learned so far so we can apply theinformation in an informed concept in order to correctly discern the facts, I fear this is
what our servants don’t want us to do or e
lse they would be open, transparent andforthcoming to the People whom they have sworn to serve by swearing to defend theConstitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Terrorism is,

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