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Change Proposal

Change Proposal

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Published by Darren Dennstedt

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Published by: Darren Dennstedt on Jul 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Protopage to Edmodo in theIntermediate Grades: AChange Initiative
10/14/2011Darren Dennstedt
1Protopage to Edmodo in the Intermediate Grades: Transforming the ReluctantUsersCommunication with parents is a vital part of building positive rapport and a strongworking relationship within the public school arena. In an attempt to incorporate
technology into the classroom, teachers within the building I’m currently employ
edin adopted a tool called Protopage. Teachers were exposed to this basic start pagecommunication tool three years ago as a place to post student work, homework assignments, and allow basic communication with parents. The free tool allows forRSS News feeds to be incorporated into a personal page along with sticky notesdisplaying information. Often the sticky notes are assigned different academicsubject areas to list important information that needs to be communicated toparents. A downside to Protopage is the constant influx of advertising that isdisplayed on the main page when parents and or students log into the suppliedURL address. On occasion the advertising can be less than age appropriate forelementary aged students who are being asked to log into the site to findhomework assignments. In addition, the site can become cumbersome when you
drag and drop items around the page. When initially setting up the “start page”
(Nations, D., 2011) time is spent cleaning out modules not needed when buildingthe page. An opportunity for change exists as I propose to elicit the help of myintermediate teaching peers when suggesting movement to a different site calledEdmodo. Edmodo is a private online social platform for teachers and students toshare ideas, files, events and assignments. This site allows the flexibility forteachers to handle class activity online by sending out assignments and receivingcompleted assignments from students. A class calendar can be easily updated withassignments and due dates. Files, events, and assignments are easily shared and thesite is entirely free without inappropriate advertisements. Edmodo is extremelyappealing to students since it has a similar setup as Facebook. In accordance to themission of my school which is to teach and learn 21
Century Skills; my goal is tolead a group of intermediate teachers from the use of Protopage to the adoption of Edmodo as a tool for communicating with parents.
 Planned Intervention
Movement from basic knowledge and the existence of the Edmodo site to completeimplementation by potential adopters will be a challenge. Typically, educators arereluctant to change and need professional development to establish relevance and aconnection to why the change is important. Initial exposure to the Edmodo site willbe shared in an intermediate grade level meeting with goals set for the course of the first trimester on how the site will be implemented by teachers. Professionaldevelopment will be offered weekly in team meetings breaking down the differentcomponents of the site and how it can be used effectively as a communication tool.
Survey intermediate teachers on use and satisfaction of the Protopageapplication (Dissatisfaction with the status quo (Surry/Ely, 2001)).
Initial exposure to Edmodo in a team meeting to garner interest in theapplication.
Professional development on a weekly basis in team meetings breaking downthe individual functions of the site using a Screencast model and directinstruction.
Availability of time for participants to practice using the site and gainknowledge while making connections to the relevancy of use.
Make direct connections for teachers on application uses and how it can impactstudents.
Creation of collaborative groups who will become trainers for the remainingstaff members.
Due Date Task Status8-30-11
Survey intermediateteachers on use andsatisfaction of Protopage.Discuss change model withadministration.
Exposure to Edmodo as areplacement solution for Protopage to garner interest.

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