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Shirk the Ultimate Crime

Shirk the Ultimate Crime

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Published by Sara Leila E Didi

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Published by: Sara Leila E Didi on Jul 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SHIRK: THE ULTIMATE CRIMEDiSaeed Talpur Murder, rape, child molesting and genocide. These are all some of the appalling crimes whichoccur in our world today. Many would think that these are the worst possible offenses, whichcould be committed. But there is something, which outweighs all of these crimes put together: Itis the crime of shirk. Some people may question this notion. But when viewed in a proper context, the fact that thereis no crime worse then shirk, will become evident to every sincere person.  There is no doubt that the above crimes are indeed terrible, but their comparison with shirkshows that they do not hold much significance in relation to this travesty. When a man murders,rapes or steals, the injustice which is done is directed primarily at other humans. But when a mancommits shirk, the injustice is directed towards the Creator of the heavens and the earth; Allah.When a person is murdered, all sorts of reasons and explanations are given. But one thing thatthe murderer cannot claim, is that the murdered was someone who provided him with food,shelter, clothing and all the other things which keep humans aloft in this life. But when a person commits shirk, they attempt to, willingly or unwillingly, direct an injusticetowards the one who has provided them with all these necessary things - and often a whole lotmore. This Being who provides us with all our needs and wants is of course Allah, the Lord of thisuniverse. So is it right for us to commit this offense against the one who has provided us with allthat we could possibly need? This is the ultimate form of ingratitude which humans display, andwill eventually cause many people eternal pain. The severity of this crime has been establishedin shaa Allah, but until now you may have been wondering 'what exactly is shirk?'  THE REALITY OF SHIRK  Shirk is its exact opposite of Tawheed (the Oneness of Allah). Linguistically, shirk means apartnership or to share or associate. However, Islamicly it is to give to other than Allah, thatwhich belongs solely to Allah. This means that parts of Allah's creation are given powers andattributes which belong to Allah, thus, ultimately sending worship to other then Allah alone. These parts of the creation therefore become partners with Allah.  The purpose of our creation is outlined in the Qur'an when Allah says: "I did not create the Jinnand mankind except to worship Me" (Surah Ad-Dhariyat 51:56) Our very existence on this earth is to worship Allah alone. By committing shirk, a person ends updenying this very purpose of our creation. To Allah, this is the gravest of sins and thusunforgivable. Allah says: "Surely Allah will not forgive the association of partners (shirk) with Him, but Heforgives (sins) less then that to whomever He wishes" (Surah An-Nisa 4:48)  This means that everything can be forgiven except shirk. However we should not misunderstandthis into thinking that those who commit shirk are totally doomed. Allah calls himself by al-Ghafoor (The Most Forgiving), and truly he is the Most Forgiving. If a person commits shirk andthen wishes to make repentance, Allah accepts his repentance and wipes the slate clean. But if the person does not make repentance during his lifetime, then Allah will not forgive this personon the Day of Judgment. Hellfire will be made eternal and he/she will never come out. It mustalso be remembered that Allah through his justice has not discriminated in the punishment of this crime. If Muslim commits shirk during his lifetime, and does not make repentance, he too willface the eternal fury of the Hellfire. It is this thought which helps Muslims from becoming toocomplacent and arrogant like some of the previous nations. Some people say that eternal Hellfire is unjust. But indeed Allah is the Most Just. While some willgo to Hell forever for committing shirk, there will be others who will go to Paradise forever forupholding Tawheed. Those who say that Allah is unjust for sending some to Hell forever, shouldtherefore also say that Allah is unjust for sending others to Paradise forever! But we know that
those who claim this, would never themselves refuse an everlasting reward such as Paradise,thus showing the weak human understanding of this argument. By committing shirk we should not fool ourselves into thinking that we harm Allah in anyway.Rather we harm ourselves with the threat of Allah's punishment. It is as if humans stick twofingers up at Allah after He has favored them with so much. Thus a crime is committed againstAllah, yet it does not harm him - Such is the magnitude and greatness of our Creator. 1. SHIRK IN ALLAH'S LORDSHIP (RUBOOBEEYA)  This category of shirk has two aspects: (i)- Shirk by Association - As Muslims we believe that it is Allah alone who Controls and Sustainsthe universe. Those who commit shirk by association believe that Allah is the Creator, but otherparts of the creation also play a role in the running of the world. A classic example of this is theChristian concept of Trinity. Christians believe that God (Allah) alone does not regulate the affairsof mankind. They believe that the other two parts of the Trinity, Jesus (as) and the Holy spirit,also play a part in worldly affairs e.g. Jesus pronounces judgment on the world and the holy spirithelps Christians through their daily lives. Qualities such as these should only belong to Allah. TheHindus also commit this kind of shirk, with them having hundreds of different Gods for differentaspects of their lives. Unfortunately some Muslims have also fallen prey to this shirk. There are many from the Indiansubcontinent who often call out for help upon saints and holy men who have passed away. (ii)-Shirk by Negation - Over the centuries many philosophies and ways of life have denied theexistence of God. Buddhism and Jainism are amongst the major world religions which assert thisbelief. During the 18th and 19th centuries the advancement of scientific knowledge led manyphilosophers and scientists to claim that God was a figment of mans imagination. By cancelingthe role of a supreme legislator, those who claim that God does not exist, ultimately attempt tomake themselves masters of their own destinies. Some atheists also give Allah's attributes to hiscreation. By denying Allah, they say the world is eternal with no beginning and no end. And weknow that this is only for Allah. 2. SHIRK IN ALLAH'S NAMES AND ATTRIBUTES (ASMA WA SIFAAT)  This category of shirk has two aspects: (i) -Shirk by Humanization - The Tawheed of Allah's names and attributes demands that webelieve Allah to be free from any human likeness. Those who commit shirk by humanization giveattributes to God which are more appropriate for human beings than an all-powerful Creator.Christianity is again guilty of this shirk. In the Bible we find countless examples of God beinggiven human attributes. In the book of Genesis, God is said to have created the world in six daysand then rested on the seventh!! In other places God is said to have repented for his badthoughts and felt sorry because of his actions!  This form of shirk has even taken some people beyond the limits of sanity. In India there aremany Hindus who worship the Shiva Lingam Deity. This is an idol which is shaped and sized torepresent the male genitals. For the Hindus it represents the reproductive powers of God, andthey display their affection by massaging the deity with milk, water and butter!These examples of humanization are indeed an injustice to the almighty, who responds clearlyby saying in the Qu'raan: "There is nothing like Him and He sees and hears all things" (Surah Ash-Shoora 42:11) (ii) - Shirk by Deification - This form of shirk occurs when created beings are given the names orattributes of Allah and thus become deities. This form of shirk is especially popular with humans,with many people being given a Godlike status by ignorant followers. Jesus, Buddha, Rama,Zoroaster and many other famous religious figures of the past have been held to be incarnationsof the all mighty. The twentieth Century has also seen many cults emerge, from which many

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