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Peace Corps 2011 Annual Volunteer Survey

Peace Corps 2011 Annual Volunteer Survey

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Peace Corps
2011 Annual Volunteer Survey Results
Peace Corps
2011 Annual Volunteer Survey Results

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Peace Corps2011 Annual Volunteer Survey Results
October 2011
Peace Corps 2011 Annual Volunteer Survey Results Page 3 of 61
In order to ensure that the views of Peace Corps Volunteers (“Volunteers”) inform ongoing decisionsand operations, the Peace Corps conducts an annual anonymous survey of Volunteers. This reportprovides the results of the 2011 Annual Volunteer Survey (AVS), a key tool to help the agency assessprogress towards its goals and identify areas for improvement. The survey asked Volunteers to gaugethe impact of their work, the effectiveness of Peace Corps programs and in-country staff support, theirpersonal health and safety, and their overall satisfaction with service. The 2011 AVS was conductedfrom June – August 2011, during which time a historically high 86 percent of the Volunteers (6,898)responded. Most Volunteers (96 percent) completed the online version of the survey; only 4 percentcompleted a paper version of the survey.This report conveys the responses to the survey from Volunteers serving worldwide. The reportcontains the tables and short narrative responses from the questions offering a finite set of possibleresponses. The results provide a picture of the activities, experiences and views of Peace CorpsVolunteers in 2011, including areas where Volunteers confirm that their needs are being well met andwhere improvements may be needed.
The report contains eleven sections, corresponding to the major sections of the survey questionnaire.The 2011 AVS questionnaire is included at the end of the report.The tabular results are presented in the order in which the questions appeared in the 2011 AVS,which corresponds roughly to the phases of Volunteer service. The initial questions asked aboutpreparing for Peace Corps. These were followed by questions about assignment activities andtraining. The final questions asked about overall satisfaction with service and demographiccharacteristics of the respondents.The tables show the percentage of respondents who selected each choice and the total number ofrespondents who answered the question. Most survey questions asked respondents to select oneanswer from a set of choices. The percentages for the “select one” responses add up to 100 percent.Questions that allowed Volunteers to “mark all that apply” result in percentages that total to more than100 percent. This is because each percentage equals the number of respondents selecting thatchoice divided by the number of respondents who answered the question. Most percentages arerounded to the nearest whole number.

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