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Cooke-The Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy(1985)

Cooke-The Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy(1985)

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Published by Lloyd Freeman

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Published by: Lloyd Freeman on Jul 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The VaticanJesuit GlobalConspiracy
by Dr. Ronald Cooke
 This is the fourth in a series of booklets on the Vatican in theWestern world today. In this booklet we try to sketch the role thatthe Vatican plays in world politics today and the goal and plan ithas for the world. We also look at the enormous financial resourcesthat the Vatican possesses and the billions more which are at itsdisposal.We also look at the part that the Jesuits play in helping to imple-ment the goal of the Vatican. In our travels and teaching we findthat there is almost a total blackout concerning the sinster aspira-tions of the Vatican and the Jesuits. Men who purport to write onthe great conspiracy that is out to control the world not only nevermention the Vatican, but if they do, they make the Vatican out to bethe target of the conspiracy rather than the originator of theconspiracy.It is obvious to anyone who is even remotely interested in theVatican conspiracy that times have certainly changed the attitudesof Protestant Christians toward the Jesuits. The word "Jesuit" usedto conjure up in the minds of those who heard it a malevolent andsatanic rictus. But times have changed. Today Jesuits areaccorded reverence and respect in all segments of westernsociety, and yes, even allowed back into Eastern society afterbeing banned from countries like China for almost thirty years.Former President Nixon used a Jesuit to write his speeches.Jesuits are leading lights in the modern irenic dialogue of theecumenical movement so that at least in the United States an auraof respectability now surrounds the workings of the Jesuits. Not allAmericans or even all American Roman Catholics are impressedwith the Jesuits, but the plans of the Vatican Hierarchy areproceeding along clearly defined lines no matter whether someRoman Catholics may approve or not. The Vatican and the Jesuitshave the same goal in mind. They are both working to bring theworld to the feet of the Roman Pontiff. The Jesuits have beenbacking the Marxists in some trouble spots of the world, especiallyin Latin America. The Pope wants to retain the closebacking he enjoys from men like Ronald Reagan; therefore, he
pretended to reprimand the Jesuits for working with the Marxists inCentral America. As we will see later, the Marxists in CentralAmerica, as in Northern Ireland, all have good Roman Catholiccredentials.What most people do not realize is that the Jesuits are the C.I.A.of the Vatican. That is, just as Washington often seems to conflictwith, and disavow some of the covert activities of the C.I.Aespecially when they are going to prove embarrassing, so theVatican from time to time will appear to disavow the activities of theJesuits. In actuality just as Washington many times secretly hopesfor the success of some clandestine operation of the C.I.A.although publicly disavowing any knowledge of it, so the Vaticanhopes for the success of the Jesuits while publicly reprimandingthem to appease those who are disturbed by their intrigue.So although there may appear to be friction between the Jesuitsand the Vatican, the friction has nothing whatsoever to do withMarxism per se as the American news media constantly affirms, ithas to do with the possible break of some of the Marxists with theVatican power structure, which might occur in countries likeNicaragua. The Vatican lost Cuba because it misjudged FidelCastro, who at one time was a faithful son of the Church. It doesnot want to make the same mistake again with Ernesto Cardenaland his Roman Catholic henchmen in Nicaragua. So thepreemptive moves of the Pope in Central America today areprimarily self-serving. The Pope realizes that much governmentalcontrol will be lost in Central America if the "church" does not goalong with the Marxist liberation movements fomented by "church"leaders. On the other hand if the Pope appears to support theMarxist liberation movements openly, he will lose the support ofthe United States in Latin America. So the present Pope gives theimpression that he is against Marxism by calling upon the Jesuitsto get out of politics in Latin America and by summoning theBrazilian liberation theologian Leonardo Boff to Rome for aninvestigation.These moves and others, which the present Pope is making, getmixed reviews in the U. S. press, but as Yallup points out in hisrecent book, IN GOD'S NAME, this Pope came to the Vatican withthe attitude "business as usual," meaning that all the corruptionwhich the former Pope, who was murdered, wanted

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