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Bison Courier, July 12, 2012

Bison Courier, July 12, 2012

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Jul 11, 2012
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Bison Courier
Official Newspaper for the City of Bison, Perkins County, and the Bison SchoolDistrict APublication of Ravellette Publications, Inc.
 P.O.Box 429 • Bison, SouthDakota 57620-0429  Phone: (605) 244-7199 • FAX (605) 244-7198 
Volume 30Number 4July 12, 2012
Includes Tax
s & Happenin
Kirby’s Tomatoes
will be onMain Street of Bison from 10 -Noon on Thursday, July 12, 2012.
 You are invited to a BabyShower Open House
for JoannaSeim on Sunday, July 22, 2012, at10:00 a.m. at the Branding Ironsouth of Belle Fourche, SD. She isregistered at Target. Everyonewelcome!!
Christ Lutheran Church
will behaving VBS Monday, July 23-Thursday,26 from 9-11:30 a.m.Children ages 3-9 are invited to at-tend. Please call Sarah at 244-5636 by July 18th to registerso wecan plan appropriately.
The Stateline Right to Life
willbe meeting on Tuesday, July 17,2012 at 5:00 pm in the Grand Elec-tric Social Room. Everyone wel-come - Please bring a guest alongwith you.
The Interim Committee on Oiland Gas
will be meeting in Buf-falo, South Dakota on July 16, 1p.m. at the recreation center inBuffalo. They will be in Bison onTuesday July 17 at approximately1:30 p.m. for a public hearing,planning and business meeting.
Bridal Shower
for Angela Fieldsbride elect of Chase Kari, July 21,2 p.m. at the Grand Social room.
Consignment Auction
at thefair building in Bison, SD, August26, 2012. If you have anything toconsign contact John Peck before August 5. All consigned items willbe taken first. John Peck 244-5495or cell 605-390-1848.
The benefit account
forMatthew Sandgren remains openat Dacotah Bank.
U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem
will beholding a
Townhall meeting inBison
at the Grand Electric Socialroom on Friday, July 13, at 2:30p.m.
Shrine Circus comes to Lemmon
Hoop jumping and dancing dogs, clowns, elephants, tigers,high wire acts and pretty girls were all a part of the Shrine Cir-cus in Lemmon on July 8.
Each year in June teenage dele-gates from around the country aresponsored by their local RuralElectric Cooperatives to attend ayouth tour in Washington, DC.This year, based off an essay con-test, Grand Electric chose ShaleyLensegrav as the recipient of theirall-expense paid trip to DC. Sha-ley, along with 36 students fromacross South Dakota, flew out of Omaha, NE on June 15th and re-turned on the 21st.While in Washington the stu-dents toured Arlington NationalCemetery, The Kennedy Center,Washington National Cathedral,Mount Vernon, the Jefferson,FDR, Martin Luther King Jr., Ko-rean, Lincoln, Vietnam, Iwo Jima,World War II memorials, US Holo-caust Memorial and Museum, theCapital, National Archives, Ford’sTheatre, and The SmithsonianMuseum. “We had four hoursscheduled for the Smithsonian,and although that seems like along time, you could spend a dayin each museum and still not seeeverything in it. Sometime I wouldlove to go back to DC just to ex-plore more there,” Shaley ex-claimed.“Visiting Arlington NationalCemetery was truly an eye opener.In history class we sometimes be-come immune to casualty statis-tics, but standing at Arlington inthe midst of thousands of gravesreally put into perspective howmany lives have been lost to pro-tect our freedom,” Shaley said.In addition to seeing all of thesights of DC the group also at-tended a youth day conference andlistened to two speakers. DavidLandis, a former Nebraska sena-tor, discussed the history of elec-tric cooperatives, and motivationalspeaker, and Paralympic cham-pion, Mike Schappi encouragedthe youth delegates to get involvedin their local governments.Shaley enthusiastically recalledher day at the Capital, “Touringthe capital, taking group photoswith Senator Thune and Repre-sentative Kristi Noem, and visit-ing with interns from Thune’s of-fice were some of the highlightsfrom capital day. The architecturaldesign, paintings/murals, and es-pecially the ceilings of the capitalwere phenomenal! Our group alsohad the opportunity to view theSenate floor as they voted onamendments to the Farm Bill. Itwas really cool because the FarmBill is something that affects ourrural life, and while we were inthere our tour guide said the Sen-ate floor was the busiest she hadever seen.”Shaley would like to thankGrand Electric and encourage stu-dents to apply for this trip. “Ilearned so much and had a blast,thank you Grand Electric for spon-soring me! I hope that our cooper-ative will continue to provide thisopportunity to rural students likemyself. It was an amazing experi-ence! Thanks!”
Lensegrav attends Grand Electric sponsored Washington, DC trip
Shaley Lensegrav at the WW2memorial with Washingtonmonument in the background.Shaley at the white house.
School board reorganizes with full agenda
 By Beth Hulm
There are two new faces on theBison school board. Marcie Brown-lee-Kari and Angie Thompson tooktheir oaths of office on Mondaynight. They were recently electedto serve a three-year term each,replacing Brad Besler and BrookeHershey who did not seek re-elec-tion. Bonnie Crow, business man-ager, and her assistant ColetteJohnson also swore to uphold theconstitution of the United Stateswhile they carry out their dutiesfor the next year.Besler was present through thefirst half of the meeting whilesome unfinished business wascompleted, including budget sup-plements and contingency trans-fers to cover shortfalls before clos-ing the books on the old year.Midway through the meeting,Crow took control of the figurativegavel to issue the aforementionedoaths and to oversee the election of a board chairman for the next fis-
continued on page 5 
Brownlee-Kari, Crow, Thompson and Johnson recited Oathsof Office during Monday night's school board meeting.
Page 2 • The Bison Courier •
Thursday, July 12, 2012
Periodicals Postage Paid at Bison, SD 57620POSTAL PERMIT #009-944
Published weekly every Thursday by Ravellette Publ., Inc.at POBox 429, Bison SD 57620-0429
 Telephone: 605-244-7199 • Fax: 605-244-7198
E-mail Addresses: courier@sdplains.comcouriernews@sdplains.comSUBSCRIPTION RATES:
Bison............................................................................$36.04Meadow, Shadehill, Prairie City, Reva & Lodgepole........$35.36Lemmon........................................................................$36.04in state........................................................$39.00 + sales taxout of state (
Includes all Hettinger addresses.) 
...$39.00 (no tax)
Send address changes to The Bison Courier, POBox 429, Bison SD 57620-0429
Display and Classified Advertising: Mon-days at 12:00 p.m. Legals: Fridays at 12:00 p.m.
Don Ravellette
News/Office Manager:
Arlis Seim
Ad Sales:
Beth Hulm (244-5231),beth@sdplains.com
Ravellette Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nothing may bereprinted, photocopied or in any way reproduced from this publication, in whole orin part, without the written consent of the publisher.
Nutrition SiteMenu
Thursday, July 12
Hawaiian chicken salad w/w dinner roll tomatoesapple crisp w/topping
Friday, July 13
Hamburger on w/w bunhash browns, baked beans tomato slices on lettucepears
Monday, July 16
Grd beef/green bean casserolepotato roundsbanana
Tuesday, July 17
Meatloafboiled potatoesbroccoli, apricots
Wednesday, July 18
Roast porkcompany potatoescooked cabbagecanned apples
Dacotah Bank customer appreciation
Jeff and Jackie VanVactor are served brauts and lemonade byLindsey and Barbie Serr.Laura Holmes grilling brauts and hotdog's.
Prospective foster families areencourage to attend the upcomingParent’s Resource for Information,Development and Education, alsoknown as PRIDE Training, in(Lemmon, SD Perkins County) be-ginning (Monday, July 23, 2012) at(8 a.m. CT).The training is free and partici-pants must complete 30 hours of training. Class sizes are limitedand an initial inquiry processmust be completed prior to regis-tration. Participants must be 21years of age, financially stable andhave no convictions of crimes in-volving harm to children, sexcrimes or crimes of violence.Foster families of every cultureare needed to keep sibling groupstogether, to keep children andyouth in their own communitiesand to support the well-being of children in need of a home whiletheir birth family heals.If you are interested in openingyour home to children in fostercare, please contact (Angela Sny-der) at (1-605-845-2922 ext 216).To learn more about becoming afoster parent, please visit HY-PERLINK "http://www.fosterour-future.sd.gov" www.fosterour-future.sd.gov.
Foster parenttraining tobegin
It would take twenty new mid-size cars togenerate the same amount of pollutionthat a mid-size 1960”s car did.
Every day at
NorthwestSupply Co.
Lemmon, SD
Pepsi - Cokeproducts:
12 pack $4.1924 pack $6.99
The Bison Courier •
Thursday, July 18, 2012
• Page 3
Garden Science?
Gardening is not a perfect sci-ence as any gardener knows. Gar-dening is a mix of science, creativ-ity, experimentation, frustration,work and woes. So why do it?Gardening is a challenge. It canby comforting, peaceful, bountiful,life-sustaining (especially in thehomestead era), beautiful, evenspiritual. According to gardenwriter/author Barbara Pleasant,imagination, persistence and awillingness to be amazed are threecharacteristics you must have tobe a successful gardener. Wewould add another, the willingnessto “break the rules”.Plants do not read gardeningbooks or seed packets, they don’tcheck on Zone hardiness ordrought tolerance. They just try togrow where they are – where youthe gardener put them! Most of usfollow the rules of good gardeninglike not digging in our clay soilwhen it is too wet or not plantingthe same vegetable in the sameplace in the garden year after year.Sometimes you need to get ex-treme. An example of that wouldbe taking a chain saw and cuttingthat sorry lilac bush or otherscraggly shrub down almost to theground and letting it reinvent it-self. You don’t always have to dothings the exact way the book saysor be doomed – try what your in-stinct thinks might work, maybeon just one or two plants just tosee if it works. If it works and theplants begin to flourish, take careof the rest in the same manner.Remember to look at a lost plantas an opportunity to try somethingnew in that same place. Opps, thatplum tree you planted two yearsago got snapped off by the latestwind gust. Now you can use thatsame planting hole you dug up forthe plum tree to plant a sturdiertree that can handle the wind,maybe an oak or apple or flower-ing crab. Eye every loss as an op-portunity to try something new.Don’t let details, design “rules”or “color” rules get in the way of creating a fun place to work or sitfor a spell just to enjoy the garden.Don’t forget the little creaturesthat will enjoy your garden, gar-dens are for nature to enjoy aswell. You may be lucky enough tosee a bird you have never seen be-fore come to enjoy your garden.The bottom line is gardening isnot an exact science; it is a con-stantly changing place in whichunexpected things can happen. Inthe garden, every set back is achallenge and often can lead to awonderful surprising reward.
Forget not that the earth delightsto feel your bare feet and the windslong to play with your hair.~Kahlil Gibran
Submitted by Karen Englehart,Master Gardener SDSU Coopera-tive Extension Service
Garden Gate
The Bison Courier is starting anew article that will feature vari-ous people from around the Bisonarea. Each time a new person willbe selected and interviewed sothat the community can get toknow him or her better. If youhave a person you would like tonominate or know more aboutplease contact the Bison Courierat 605-244-7199.This week’s person of the weekis Shane C. Penfield.
Childhood and Family
Shane Penfield is a 36 year oldhusband and father. Shane hastwo sons, Nathan and Will, and adaughter Shelby. Growing up,Shane lived on a ranch 18 milessoutheast of Lemmon, SD. He stillresides there today.
Shane is an Attorney at Lawand attended the University of South Dakota in Vermilion. Hecurrently serves as the PerkinsCounty States Attorney.
Hobbies of Shane’s include: fol-lowing South Dakota politics andresearching local history.
Something Unexpected
When asked about somethinginteresting or unexpected abouthimself, Shane replied, “I wantedto be a rancher before going to lawschool.”
Shane’s favorite food is any cutof beef and his favorite season isfall. “My favorite things are notthings at all,” exclaimed Shane, “but, rather my three kids and mywonderful wife, Kelli.” Shane’s fa-vorite thing to do in the summer isput up hay when the crop is good,and his favorite thing to do in awinter storm is get outside of thehouse!
Memorable Moment
“I'll never forget the time myDad, Mom, sister, and I were stuckin a snowdrift on the LemmonLake Road for seven hours duringa blizzard, and the rescue fromFrank and Joel Rosenau.”
Someone who significantly in-fluenced Shane’s life is, “Bill Er-hart, my government teacher inhigh school. He encouraged me toattend the University of SouthDakota.”Shane recalls that hisgrandparents passed on to him anappreciation for the history of thisarea, and a work ethic that isneeded to survive in westernSouth Dakota. Someone Shane ad-mires is his wife Kelli.
Shane believes that somethingeveryone should get to do at leastonce is travel to Washington, D.C.
Meet the people ----------
Shane C. Penfield
Grand RiverMuseum
Hwy 12 • Lemmon374-3911
While in Lemmon for 
stop by & see what’s new at 
featuring John Lopez Sculptures 

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