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Christian and Anastasia - FanFiction - Book I

Christian and Anastasia - FanFiction - Book I



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Published by Emine Fougner
This is a FanFiction of 50 Shades from Christian's POV.
This is a FanFiction of 50 Shades from Christian's POV.

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Published by: Emine Fougner on Jul 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter I
Just as I dismiss Claude Bastille, he turns on his heel
s at the door and grins “Golf, thisweek, Grey,” he says, rubbing in the fact that he can kick my butt in the golf course as well. He’s
one of the best mixed martial arts instructors there is, and trains me very well as he shouldsince I pay him well for his instructions. He kicks my butt on the matt often as expected though
I give him a run for his money. He was an Olympic contender. I’ve been working out with him
every day in the last two months since I have to spend all my excess energy. Although he usedto kick my butt five days a week before that. I reserved other kinds of work out for theweekends. If I could kick his butt to the floor once or twice a week, that would be the highlightof my day.
Though I don’t like the pace of golf, it’s the game of b
usinessmen, I endeavor to do wellin it, and as it happens, often business deals are reached at the golf courses. I scowl and look
outside from my twentieth floor office’s floor to ceiling windows. The weather is gray as my
mood, unpalatable. I have everything under control, but it has been an ordinary existence for
me lately. I haven’t had a diversion in the last two months. No exciting challenges and nothing
has captured my interest. Everything is orderly, and all my affairs under control.The phone buzz
es. “Yes, Andrea?”
“Mr. Grey, Miss Anastasia Steele for Miss Katherine Kavanagh is here.” I hate surprises. I
should not have agreed to give an interview to WSU magazine, but then Miss Kavanagh hadbeen quite persistent, and she comes from a business family, whose father I can do business
with in return of this favor. But someone else shows up in her place? I’m petulant like a child to
“I wasn’t expecting a Miss Steele. I was expecting Katherine Kavanagh!”
“It’s Miss Steele who is here, sir,”
she says.
I grumble, “Fine! Send her in!”
Less than a minute later the door opens, and a tangle of chestnut brown hair, pale arms,a messenger bag, indistinctly dressed pale legs in brown boots roll into my office floor sprawledheadlong. Although I hate clumsiness, courtesy demands that I go and help her up, and reachout and get her into upright position holding her slim shoulders. As she stands up, I meet thebrightest blue, shy eyes capture mine as a jolt of electricity halt me in my tracks. She looks atme, through me, as if to dig into my soul, unnerving me, as if shining a light to the depths of mybeing and pulling it to the surface.
She blinks, blushing after noticing my face. I grimace, but quickly smile. It’s always the
same. Women react to my face that way, tongue tied.
I extend my hand, deciding to have fun. “Miss Kavanagh. I’m Christian Grey. I hopeyou’re alright. Would you like to sit?”
She blushes, her pearlesque skin changes color to her hairline blushing, bringing hergaze down, her ponytail nearly undone with the tumble she took, her voice stutters briefly as Ireceive her tiny hand in mine. I feel a jolt of electricity with her touch! Wow! She must feel thesame way because she looks as if she got shocked and withdraws her hand with a slight gasp.
“Miss Kavanagh is indisposed. She sent me. She isn’t well. I apologize for the change in
the last minute Mr. Grey." Her voice sounds musical, her long lashes cast a shadow over herblue eyes which are downcast again in that shy manner.
“And you are?” I coax the words out of her.

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