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Heart Idioms

Heart Idioms

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Published by: Dan Alexis Morco Arinzana on Jul 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Heartaching heart
- a feeling of sadness that one has when love hasbeen lost or has fadedThe young woman spent the weekend alone withher aching heart.
after one`s own heart
- to be liked for agreeing with one`s ownfeelings or interests or ideasMy new boss loves to go fishing. He is a manafter my own heart.
at heart
- basically, essentially, what one really is ratherthan what one appears to beThe man seems to be angry all the time butactually he is a very gentle person at heart.
bleeding heart
- someone who feels too much sympathy forpeople such as poor people or criminals etc.The man is a bleeding heart and is always askedby other people for money to help others.
break (someone`s) heart
- to make someone feel sad or hopeless (usuallybecause of love or a similar loss)It broke my heart to see the boy who had lost hisdog.
close to (someone's) heart
- an idea or something that is important to youand that you care aboutThe plan to improve the downtown area is veryclose to the mayor's heart.
cross one`s heart and hope to die
- to say or promise that what you have said istrue (often used by children)"I promise that I will meet you tomorrow. Crossmy heart and hope to die."
die of a broken heart
- to die of emotional distress, to suffer fromemotional distress (often from a failed romance)The man almost died of a broken heart when hewas a teenager.
do (someone's) heart good
- to make someone feel good, to make someonehealthyIt does one's heart good to get some exerciseevery day.
do (something) in a heartbeat
- to do something almost immediately if youhave the chanceI will change jobs in a heartbeat if I have thechance.
eat one`s heart out
- to feel much jealousy about something, to feelbitter anguish or grief about something"You can eat your heart out but I will not giveyou a piece of this chocolate cake."The pain from the man's sorrow is eating hisheart out.
find it in one's heart to (do something)
- to have the courage or compassion to dosomethingI could not find it in my heart to tell the youngwoman that she could not continue to work atour company.
follow one's heart
- to act according to one's feelingsThe boy followed his heart and decided to studymusic at school.
from the bottom of one`s heart
- with great feeling, sincerelyThe girl thanked the man from the bottom of herheart for saving her dog`s life.
from the heart
- sincerely, honestlyThe speech by the politician was from the heart.
get to the heart of (something)
- to understand the most important or essentialthing about somethingIt took a long time but we finally got to the heartof the problem with the new computer.
go (somewhere) in a heartbeat
- to go somewhere almost immediately if youhave the chance
I would go camping in a heartbeat if I had thechance.
have a big heart
- to be very kind or generous or helpfulThe man has a big heart and he will always tryto help other people.
have a change of heart
- to change the way one feels or thinks aboutsomethingI had a change of heart and I decided to go to amovie with my friend.
have a heart
- to be a generous and forgiving personI wish that our boss would have a heart and tryto help other people.
Have a heart!
- Don't be unkind or do something mean orcruel!"Have a heart," I told my supervisor when hesaid that I must work during the weekend.
have a heart of gold
- to be kind or generous or friendlyMy grandmother has a heart of gold and she isalways willing to help a stranger.
have a heart of stone
- to be cold and unfriendlyThe man who murdered his family has a heart of stone.
have a heart-to-heart talk with (someone)
- to have a sincere and intimate talk withsomeoneI had a heart-to-heart talk with my girlfriend lastevening.
have a soft spot in one's heart for (someone orsomething)
- to be fond of someone or somethingMy grandfather always had a soft spot in hisheart for his youngest child.
have one`s heart set on (something)
- to want something very muchThe little boy has his heart set on getting a dogfor his birthday.
heart and soul
- with all of one's energy, with all of one'seffortsThe girl loved her boyfriend heart and soul.My friend is putting his heart and soul into hisnew job.
heart bleeds for (someone)
- to feel sympathy for someoneMy heart bleeds for the family who lost theirfather in the accident.
heart goes out to (someone)
- to feel great sympathy for someoneMy heart goes out to the victims of thehurricane.
heart is dead set against (something)
- to be totally against somethingMy mother's heart is dead set against my plan togo to art school.
heart is in one's mouth
- one feels very nervous or frightened and hasstrong emotions about somethingMy heart was in my mouth when I saw the littleboy standing on the ladder.
heart is in the right place
- to be kindhearted or sympathetic, to have goodintentions (even if the results may be bad)Although the girl makes a lot of mistakes herheart is in the right place.
heart is not in (something)
- to not really want to do what you are doingThe boy's heart was not in the swimming club sohe quit the team.
heart is set against (something)
- to be totally against somethingOur principal's heart is set against expanding themusic program in our school.
heart is set on (something)
- to want something very muchThe little boy's heart is set on getting a dog forhis birthday.
heart misses/skips a beat
- one is startled or excited from surprise or joyor frightMy heart skipped a beat when I heard my nameon the radio.
heart stands still
- to be very frightened or worried aboutsomethingMy heart stood still when the truck almost hitour car.
heart to heart
- candid, intimateOur conversation was heart to heart and we bothfelt very good afterwords.
heartbeat away from (something)
- the next person to take over someone's positionif they dieThe prince is a heartbeat away from becomingthe next king of his country.
heavy heart
- a feeling of being weighed down with sorrow,a sad feelingWe left the meeting with a heavy heart when weheard that our boss would soon leave thecompany because of illness.
in one's heart of hearts
- to know that something is true even though youmay not want to admit it or believe itIn my heart of hearts I know that I will soonhave to change jobs.
know (something) by heart
- to know something perfectly, to havememorized somethingThe little boy knows many stories by heart.
learn (something) by heart
- to memorize somethingThe children had to learn the poem by heart.
lose heart
- to feel discouraged because of failure, to losethe hope of successI tried not to lose heart even though I had failedmy driver`s exam for the second time.
near to (someone's) heart
- an idea or something that is important to youand that you care aboutThe man's model airplane hobby is very near tohis heart.
not have the heart to do (something)
- to be unwilling to say or do something thatmay hurt or upset othersI did not have the heart to tell the woman thatsoon she may lose her job.
open one`s heart to (someone)
- to talk about one`s feelings honestly, to confidein someoneThe woman suddenly opened her heart to meafter I began talking to her on the bus.
pour one's heart out (to someone)
- to tell all of one's hopes or fears or feelings tosomeoneMy friend poured her heart out to me when wewent to the coffee shop last evening.
search one`s heart/soul
- to study one`s reasons and acts, to try todiscover if one has been fair and honest aboutsomethingI searched my soul to try and discover why mygirlfriend had left me.
set one's heart against (something)
- to turn against something, to become totallyagainst somethingFrom the beginning, my friend set his heartagainst my proposal for having a birthday partyfor our teacher.
set one's heart on (something)
- to select something as one's goalThe young runner set his heart on winning themarathon.
sick at heart
- very sad or upset about something

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