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UMTS Radio Principles

UMTS Radio Principles

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Published by bigpack1982

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Published by: bigpack1982 on Jul 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UMTS Radio Principles
-Page 1All Rights Reserved©2007,Alcatel-Lucent
All rights reserved ©2007, Alcatel-Lucent
Alcatel-Lucent W-CDMA -UMTS Radio Principles
Alcatel-Lucent W-CDMA
UMTS Radio Principles
3FL12543ABAAWBZZAEdition 1
Copyright ©2007by Alcatel-Lucent-All rights reservedPassing on and copying of this document, use andcommunication of its contents not permitted withoutwritten authorization from Alcatel-Lucent
UMTS Radio Principles
-Page 2All Rights Reserved©2007,Alcatel-Lucent
AllRights Reserved©Alcatel-Lucent 2007
Alcatel-Lucent W-CDMAUMTS Radio Principles
Legal Notice
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Safety Warning
Both lethal and dangerous voltages are present within the equipment. Do not wear conductivejewelrywhile working on the equipment. Always observe all safety precautions and do not work on theequipment alone.
The equipment used during this course is electrostatic sensitive. Please observe correct anti-staticprecautions.
Trade Marks
Alcatel andMainStreetare trademarks of Alcatel.All other trademarks, service marks and logos (“Marks”) are the property of their respective holdersincluding Alcatel-Lucent. Users are not permitted to use these Marks without the prior consent of Alcatelor such third party owning the Mark. The absence of a Mark identifier is not a representation that aparticular product or service name is not a Mark.
This document contains information that is proprietary to Alcatel-Lucent and may be used for trainingpurposes only. No other use or transmission of all or any part of this document is permitted withoutAlcatel-Lucent’s written permission, and must include all copyright and other proprietary notices. Noother use or transmission of all or any part of its contents maybe used, copied, disclosed or conveyed toany party in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission from Alcatel-Lucent.Use or transmission of all or any part of this document in violation of any applicable Canadian or otherlegislation is hereby expressly prohibited.User obtains no rights in the information or in any product, process, technology or trademark which itincludes or describes, and is expressly prohibited from modifying the information or creating derivativeworks without the express written consent of Alcatel-Lucent.Alcatel-Lucent, The Alcatel-Lucent logo,MainStreetandNewbridgeare registered trademarks of Alcatel-Lucent. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Alcatel-Lucent assumes noresponsibility for the accuracy of the information presented, which is subject to change without notice.©2007 Alcatel-Lucent. All rights reserved.
In no event will Alcatel-Lucent be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequentialdamages, including lost profits, lost business or lost data, resulting from the use of or reliance upon theinformation, whether or not Alcatel has been advised of the possibility of such damages.Mention of non-Alcatel-Lucent products or services is for information purposes only andconstitutesneither an endorsement nor a recommendation.Please refer to technical practices supplied by Alcatel-Lucent for current information concerning Alcatel-Lucent equipment and its operation.
UMTS Radio Principles
-Page 3All Rights Reserved©2007,Alcatel-Lucent
AllRights Reserved©Alcatel-Lucent 2007
Alcatel-Lucent W-CDMAUMTS Radio Principles
Table of Contents
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1. UMTS System DescriptionModule 1. 3JK10655AAAAWBZZA UMTS System Descritption2. WCDMA for UMTSModule 1. 3JK10656AAAAWBZZA WCDMA for UMTS3. UTRAN scenariosModule 1. 3JK10657AAAAWBZZA UTRAN scenarios4. HSDPA DescriptionModule 1. 3JK10658AAAAWBZZA HSDPA IntroductionModule 2. 3JK10659AAAAWBZZA HSDPA Key ConceptsModule 3. 3JK10660AAAAWBZZA HSDPA ChannelsModule 4. 3JK10661AAAAWBZZA H-ARQ for Fast RetransmissionModule 5. 3JK10662AAAAWBZZA HSDPA Scheduling MechanismModule 6. 3JK10663AAAAWBZZA Adaptative Modulation and Coding with 16-QAMModule 7. 3JK10664AAAAWBZZA MAC-hs in UTRAN ProtocolsModule 8. 3JK10665AAAAWBZZA HSDPA ScenariosModule 9. 3JK10666AAAAWBZZA HSDPA A-L implementation5. HSUPA DescriptionModule 1. 3JK10667AAAAWBZZA HSUPA Key ConceptsModule 2. 3JK10668AAAAWBZZA HSUPA ChannelsModule 3. 3JK10669AAAAWBZZA HSUPA Scheduling MechanismModule 4. 3JK10670AAAAWBZZA H-ARQ for HSUPAModule 5. 3JK10672AAAAWBZZA MAC-e in UTRAN ProtocolsModule 6. 3JK10673AAAAWBZZA HSUPA ScenariosModule 7. 3JK10674AAAAWBZZA HSUPA A-L implementation6. APPENDIXModule 1. 3JK10675AAAAWBZZA Appendix

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