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Caution sign board

Caution sign board

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Published by B Deepak Kumar
A short fiction based story for those who wish to enjoy reading...check it out!!!!
A short fiction based story for those who wish to enjoy reading...check it out!!!!

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Published by: B Deepak Kumar on Jul 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Caution sign Board by B.Deepak Kumar 
Page |
Caution sign board
(A short story with a sweet message)
ByB.Deepak Kumar
Caution sign Board by B.Deepak Kumar 
Page |
It was a bright pleasant morning. Anand was still sleeping. Watch
with the alarm set at 8.am was ringing. Anand‟s younger brother 
Prakash was an engineering final year student. He got up early and
was ready with his luggage packed. Prakash‟s mobile was ringing
continuously. It was his friends who were calling him. Prakash andhis friends had decided to go on a trip to Coorg and hence they werecalling him to make sure that he was ready. Prakash had avoidedventuring outside the city throughout his life. The reason was
Prakash‟s mother who believed in predictions and was warned by a
religious swami to prevent Prakash from crossing city boundaries tillhe attains age of 18 which may otherwise turn out to be a disaster forPrakash. But now Prakash was almost nineteen and his mother didnot raise any objections on his adventurous journey.
Though, Mother was not worried about Prakash‟s trip but she did
have complaints
about the place selected. “Prakash, I don‟t
understand the need for a trip in this winter season and destination is
also a cold area.” “Mom, I had kept my desires under control to obey
and respect your religious belief. I think you should not stop me at
Caution sign Board by B.Deepak Kumar 
Page |
this point of time when all arrangements are made including sweatersto protect from the cold. So my sweet mom should not have anyworries about my safety instead be happy that your son is going tohave that little bit of unique enjoyment for the first time.
” Mother did
understand the heart of her son to raise no more questions.
Anand was still sleeping and his mother yelled, “Anand, come down!Your brother is on his way to a trip. Wish him a happy journey.”
Anand thought that it was dream but when heard the call again heimmediately stood on his feet and climbed down the stairs with
sleepy eyes. Anand loved to play with his brother, “You dint eventake the pain of informing me about the trip a day before?” Anand
paused and reaction was as if he was angry on that note but after the
 pause he added, “If you had informed earlier, I would have also
the trip”. All the three burst out in laughter.
Prakash informedthat trip was planned a week before, but a friend in their group washesitating to be a part of the same due to personal reasons and hencegot the plans on hold. Yesterday he confirmed to join and today they
were ready. Anand wanted to know the place and Prakash replied, “It
is cool coorg and we have made all arrangement for thetransportation with one of my friend getting his car and stay over
there is arranged at a home stay maintained by one of my friend‟srelatives.”

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