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IES OBJ Mechanical Engineering 2003 Paper II

IES OBJ Mechanical Engineering 2003 Paper II

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Published by Kiran Babu Satuluri

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Published by: Kiran Babu Satuluri on Jul 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Machine tool manufacturers prefer greycast-iron grade 40 for producing machinecolumns and tables because grey cast-ironis1.
Easily castable3.
Easily weldable4.
Having good damping capacitySelect the correct answer using the codesgiven below :a.
1 and 2b.
2 and 4c.
1 and 3d.
3 and 42.
Which one of the following mechanisms isemployed for indexing of turret in anautomatic lathe ?a.
Rack and pinionc.
Ratchet and pawld.
Geneva wheel3.
While part programming in CNCmachines, the input of dimensionalinformation for the tool path can be givenin the absolute co-ordinate system or inincremental coordinate system. The abovefigure shows the route to be followed bythe tool from 0 to C, i.e., 0 – A – B – C. If incremental coordinate system is used, theco-ordinates of each point A, B and C area.
A : X 5.0, Y 10.0B : X 20.0,Y 5.0C : X 10.0, Y – 10.0b.
A : X 5.0, Y 10.0B : X 25,Y 15.0C : X 35,Y 5.0c.
A : X 10.0, Y 5.0B : X 15.0, Y 25.0C : X 5.0,Y 35.0d.
A : X 10.0, Y 5.0B : X 5.0,Y 20.0C : X 10.0, Y 10.04.
Standard time isa.
Normal time + Allowancesb.
(Normal time
Rating) + Allowancesc.
Normal timeRating
+ Allowancesd.
Normal time + (Allowances
Which one of the following is not atechnique of Predetermined Motion TimeSystems?a.
Work factor systemb.
Synthetic datad.
Stopwatch time study6.
An operations consultant for an automaticcar wash wishes to plan for enoughcapacity of stalls to handle 60 cars perhour. Each car will have a wash time of 3minutes, but there is to be a 20%allowance for set-up time, delays andpayment transactions. How many car washstalls should be installed ?a.
I.E.S-(OBJ) 2003
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Which one of the following types of layoutis used for the manufacture of hugeaircrafts ?a.
Product layoutb.
Process layoutc.
Fixed position layoutd.
Combination layout8.
A furniture company is maintaining aconstant work force which can produce3000 tables, per quarter. The annualdemand is 12000 units and is distributedseasonally in accordance with the quarterlyindexes Q
= 0.80, Q
= 1.40, Q
= 1.00and Q
= 0.80. Inventories areaccumulated when demand is less than thecapacity and are used up during periods of strong demand to supply the total demand.To take into account any seasonal demandthe inventories on hand at the beginning of the first quarter should be at leasta.
The span of control refers to thea.
Total amount of control which can beexercised by the supervisorb.
Total number of persons which reportto any one supervisorc.
Delegation of authority by thesupervisor to his subordinatesd.
Delegation of responsibility by thesupervisor to his subordinates10.
Match List I (Trend/Defect) with List II(Chart) and select the correct answer :
List I
Number of defectsD.
Number of defectives
List II
u-ChartA B C Da.
5 3 2 4b.
3 1 4 2c.
3 1 2 4d.
3 4 5 211.
Which one of the following statements iscorrect ?a.
Time series analysis technique of forecasting is used for very long rangeforecastingb.
Qualitative techniques are used forlong, range forecasting andquantitative techniques, for short andmedium range forecastingc.
Coefficient of correlation is calculatedin case of time series techniqued.
Market survey and Delphi techniquesare used for short range forecasting12.
In the solution of linear programmingproblems by Simplex method, for decidingthe leaving variablea.
The maximum negative coefficient inthe objective function row is selectedb.
The minimum positive ratio of theright-hand side to the first decisionvariable is selectedc.
The maximum positive ratio of theright-hand side to the coefficients inthe key column is selectedd.
The minimum positive ratio of theright hand side to the coefficient in thekey column is selected13.
Consider the following statements ontransportation problem :1.
In Vogel’s approximation method,priority allotment is made in the cellwith lowest cost in the column or rowwith least penalty.2.
The North-West corner methodensures faster optimal solution.3.
If the total demand is higher than thesupply, transportation problem cannotby solved4.
A feasible solution may not be anoptimal solution.Which of these statements are correct ?a.
1 and 4b.
1 and 3
 3 of 16c.
2 and 3d.
2 and 414.
At a self-service store, a cashier can serve10 customers in 5 minutes. On an average15 customers arrive every 10 minutes. If the arrivals are as per Poisson distributionand services as per exponentialdistribution, the probability that the cashierwould be idle isa.
ABC analysis in materials management isa method of classifying the inventoriesbased ona.
The value of annual usage of the itemsb.
Economic order quantityc.
Volume of material consumptiond.
Quantity of materials used16.
Consider the following steps which areinvolved in constructing a functionanalysis system technique of valueengineering:1.
Find the critical path2.
Prepare a function worksheet3.
Listing of functions4.
Diagram layoutWhich of the following gives the correctsequence of steps?a.
1, 3, 2, 4b.
4, 2, 3, 1d.
3, 2, 4, 117.
Consider the following statements inrespect of double sampling plan :1.
Average number of pieces inspected isdouble that of single sampling.2.
Average number of pieces inspected isless than that for single sampling.3.
Decision to accept or reject the lot istaken only after the inspection of bothsamples.4.
Decision to accept or reject the lot isreached sometimes after one sampleand sometimes after two samples.Which of these statements are correct ?a.
1, 2 and 3b.
2 and 4c.
1 and 4d.
2 and 318.
The variance of the completion time for aproject is the sum of variances of a.
All activity timesb.
Non-critical activity timesc.
Critical activity timesd.
Activity times of first and lastactivities of the project19.
The earliest time of the completion of thelast event in the above network in weeks isa.
The indirect cost of a plant is Rs. 4,00,000per year. The direct cost is Rs. 20 perproduct. If the average revenue per productis Rs. 6 0, the break-even point isa.
10000 productsb.
20000 productsc.
40000 productsd.
60000 products21.
Which one of the following statementscorrectly defines the term ‘dispatching’?a.
Maintaining the record of time of starting and completion of eachoperationb.
The appraisal and evaluation of humanwork in terms of timec.
Taking all such steps which are meantto affect and implement theprogrammes of production accordingto plans

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