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Ramzi Yousef Trial Transcript Part2

Ramzi Yousef Trial Transcript Part2

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Published by AJ Weberman
Ramzi Yousef's Terrorism Trial Transcript
Ramzi Yousef's Terrorism Trial Transcript

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: AJ Weberman on Jul 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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12981 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTSOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK2 ------------------------------xUNITED STATES OF AMERICA,3v. S1293CR.180(KTD)4RAMZI AHMED YOUSEF,5 ABDUL HAKIM MURAD,WALI KHAN AMIN SHAH,6Defendants.7 ------------------------------x8 June 26, 199610:00 a.m.9Before:10HON. KEVIN THOMAS DUFFY,11District Judge12APPEARANCES13MARY JO WHITE,14 United States Attorney for theSouthern District of New York15 DIETRICH SNELL,MICHAEL GARCIA,16 Assistant United States Attorney17 ROY KULCSAR,Legal Advisor for Defendant Yousef18CLOVER BARRETT,19 BERNARD UDELL,Attorney for defendant Murad20DAVID GREENFIELD,21 Attorney for Defendant Shah22 ALSO PRESENT: Lillie Grant, Paralegal, U.S. Attorney'sOffice23 INTERPRETERS: AZIA ISMAIL, HASSAM MOAWAD, MIRA RIVERA2425
12991 (In open court; jury not present)2 THE COURT: Sit down, sit down. My guess is that3 someone today is going to make an application to poll the4 jury or voir dire the jury or whatever. You want to do it?5 Sure, go ahead.6 MR. GREENFIELD: Yes, your Honor, based on what7 occurred yesterday in Saudi, Arabia, I think it's propitious8 that the Court conduct a voir dire with the jury to9 ascertain if they're aware of it. If they are, would it10 affect my client's interest in the course of this trial.11 There is a lot of publicity on it. The President made a12 statement yesterday talking about Muslims extremists. My13 client's accused of being a Muslim extremist, and I think14 fairness dictates that we ascertain if what occurred in15 Saudi, Arabia would in effect taint the jury's rendering a16 fair and impartial verdict in this case.17 THE COURT: Anybody else want to say something?18 First of all, there are various ways of handling it. One of19 them is to go immediately to a complete voir dire20 individual, you know with each one of the jurors and so on21 and so forth, and if I do that today I have locked in their22 mind the connection between these defendants and the folks23 in Saudi, Arabia, and that's one thing that I certainly want24 to avoid.25 Now, I would not be adverse to telling the jury
13001 today, look, concentrate on what's going on here, not on2 some place else. If you want me to, I will talk3 specifically about Saudi, Arabia, but I'd prefer not to.4 Possibly, possibly next week, depending upon what's going to5 continue in the newspapers, I will talk to them about it,6 but today I think is just the worst day to do it, because7 that way we lock it in, and I don't think it's the time and8 the place to do it.9 MR. GREENFIELD: Your Honor, the thought occurs10 that possibly maybe a general statement this morning from11 the Court with respect to occurrences outside the courtroom12 having no connection.13 THE COURT: Okay.14 MR. GREENFIELD: I've seen the Court do it in15 other cases and I think the Court is right, should there be16 a whole lot more publicity in the next few days, and you17 have to focus on it again next week, to make some general18 statement at this point to disassociate anything to the19 people in the courtroom at this time.20 THE COURT: Yes, absolutely. Okay. Anybody else21 have any comments?22 MR. KULCSAR: Your Honor, your intention was in23 any event after a few days to address the matter in some24 way.25 THE COURT: Eventually, yes, depending on what