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Published by adclubmary

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Published by: adclubmary on Jul 12, 2012
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The Ad Club’s Second Annual Media Innovation Day was aftting venue to examine media’s rapidly changing landscape.And what better way to do so than to survey the audience.In a study that covered the day’s three primary topics – HowWe Consume, How We Buy, and How We Create – Allen &Gerritsen, in conjunction with the Ad Club, developed insightsthat shed light on the uctuating media environment and theproession itsel.We ound: 
Media proessionals say that the largest challenge
the profession
aces is rapidlyevolving consumer habits.
Yet, they rate decreasing client budgets as
their own
greatest challenge. 
New channels, including mobile, social, and location-based, are gaining momentum. 
Media proessionals are working increasingly with other departments within theircompanies to do more with less.
Keeping up with a Changing Landscape
Media proessionals eel that the largest challenge
the profession
aces is keeping up with therapidly evolving habits o today’s consumers. At 42%, this eclipses other actors, such as asaturated environment (17%) and a lack o understanding o digital technology (14%). To meet thisneed, it is increasingly important or media proessionals to exude constant curiosity and energy,as well as a willingness to try new strategies.
How We Consume,How We Buy, and How We Create
WHIT A
November 2011
It Takes a Village:The apidly Shiting MediaLandscape and roession
Media and Marketing roessionals at the Ad Club’s2nd Annual Media Innovation Day
September 22, 2011 through October 7, 2011
ight-minute online survey
To uncover trends in media planning and buying
It Takes a Village: The apidly Shiting Media Landscape and roession
page 2
Which of the followingis the largestprofessional challenge
facing media buyers and  planners as a whole? 
Which of the followingis
largestprofessional challenge?
apidly evolvingconsumer habits
A saturated mediaenvironmentA lack o understandingo digital technologyDecreasing clientbudgetsOther (please speciy)Creating point-o-salecampaigns
More Expected from Less
When asked what they rate as
their own
greatest challenge, 31% chose decreasing client budgets.Although 17% named changing consumer habits, just as many selected a lack o understanding odigital technology. So, while they recognize that changing consumer habits are the main industry-wide problem, media proessionals are clearly struggling with how to stretch budgets in this timeo increased demand. They are simply expected to do more with less.
 It Takes a Village: The apidly Shiting Media Landscape and roession
page 3
New Media Channels Gathering Momentum
With the rise in social media and mobile phone adoption, media proessionals are rapidly shitingdollars to emergent channels. Ninety-our percent expect to produce more social campaignsin the next ew years, and 91% percent anticipate running more mobile campaigns during thatperiod. Also, location-based marketing has quickly emerged as both a highly utilized and maturechannel. Almost 60% oresee creating more location-based campaigns in the next ew years. Theadoption o these channels arrives at the expense o more established channels like television andonline programs.An interesting dynamic arises: in order to keep up with rapidly changing consumer habits, mediaproessionals are expanding into relatively new and untested channels — with smaller budgets.Yet, despite this predicament, many are thriving. But how?
Television campaignsStandard online campaignsLocation based campaignsSocial media campaignsMobile campaigns
More oftenAbout the sameLess often
In the next few years, how often do you anticipate runningthe following types of campaigns for your clients?

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