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23593445 Lalkiteb Case Studies Bhandari s Article

23593445 Lalkiteb Case Studies Bhandari s Article

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Published by Dhruva Tripathi

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Published by: Dhruva Tripathi on Jul 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Om Shree Ganeshayae Namah
Saptarishis Astrology Remedies 
ByRabinder Nath Bhandari, India.
Copy Editor: Anup Das, India.
his section titled
Saptarishis Astrology Remedies
that was announced in the last issue will be aregular section in each issue of Saptarishis Astrology. Albeit for this C S Patel ManuscriptCentric Issue, we have dropped all regular sections to accommodate the manuscriptstranslations done by earnest scholars.This section will be presented as readers are eagerly waiting forremedies from a long time. I have taken up a few cases of the numerous cases with an intent to highlightspecific atypical points in the chart / hand so that even scholars can benefit from this analysis. Somereaders have sent low quality hand pictures which are not readable and hence dropped from this section.Readers are humbly requested to send high resolution pictures for clarity. If the case is unique then wemay also contact readers in different net forums to benefit the readers of SA. The remedies offered byme will be based on Vedic Astrology and of Lal Kitab which actually is Elemental Remedy based onTatvas (Elements) of nature. There lies some doubt about its being a part of Indian Astrology, but inreality its origin is from the Himalayan region of India. To appear in this section please mail us yourbirth details along with digital copies of your both hand prints (without hand prints requests cannot beattended to) toremedies@saptarishisastrology.comwith a cc toadmin@saptarishisastrology.com 
Query 1: Case From Germany
German Male writes about his problem:Dear Saptarishis Astrology & Mr. Rabinder Bhandari,
For more than 6 years I’m looking for a job in business. I have studied economics at a German University, butcause of 
mentally problems in 2003
I had to stop with working for some months. Since that time I tried to find a new job unsuccessfully. Could you tell me what is my real profession or what kind of talents I have, so I could starta new profession maybe as a healer or whatever you say?
abinder Nath Bhandari was born on 26th Dec1950 and is a science graduate from Punjab University.He has been studying astrology since 1978 in which 28years. Being well versed in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi &English he has carried out indepth studies on the LalKitab and has delved deeper into Present dayPalmistry along with Indian Samudrik Shastra apartfrom doing vast amount of readings for people. He ispassionate about nature photography & often getscarried away with the simplicity of the Grand designsof the Gods, this simplicity reflects in his personamaking him an extremely humble and loving human being. He is considered one of the foremost authoritieson Lal Kitab alive today.
I’m looking forward hearing from you. Thanks a lot in advance.Name:, male, right handerDate of birth: 9.July 1965Place: Stuttgart, Germany,Time: 05:10 amLagna: first degree of cancer, Cancer lagna is safeYours Sincerely,From Germany
Pls Note:
Exact Date of ailment in 2003 is not mentioned by querist.Horoscope calculations as per data provided by native:
Name German Male Gr.FatherSex Male FatherDate Of Birth 09/07/1965 MotherDay Of Birth Friday CasteTime Of Birth 05:10:00 Hrs Gotra(In Ghati) 1:45:30 GhatiPlace Of Birth Stuttgart , GermanyLatitude 048.48 Vikram Samvat 2022Longitude 009.47 Saka Samvat 1887Timezone -01.00 Hrs Month AsadhaTime Correction 00.00 Hrs Lunar Paksha SuklaLocal Birth Time 04:49:08 Hrs Lunar Tithi 11Local Birth Date 09/07/1965 Tithi At Sunrise 11Sun Rise 4: 27: 47 Hrs Tithi Ending Time 9:47:57 HrsSunset 20: 24: 39 Hrs Nak. At Sunrise VishakhaDay Duration 15: 56: 52 Hrs Nak. Ending Time 5:27:19 HrsSidereal Time 23: 56: 42 Hrs Yoga At Sunrise ShubhaBhayat 63:27:27 Ghati Yoga Ending Time 23:32:57 HrsBhabhog 64:13:9 Ghati Karan At Sunrise VistiSeason Grisham Karan Ending Time 9:47:57 HrsBalance Of Dasha Jup 0Y 2M 4D
Planet's Position at Birth Time
Planet Sign Degree Position Lord Nakshatra Pad Lord S. LordAscCancer 00 26 29 MonPunarvasu4 JupMonSunGemini 23 22 08 NeutrlMerPunarvasu2 JupSatMonScorpio 03 10 53 DebMarVishakha4 JupRahMarVirgo 11 51 09 EnemyMerHasta1 MonMarMerCancer 18 01 20 EnemyMonAshlesha1 MerMer JupTaurus 24 22 36 EnemyVenMrigasira1 MarRahVenCancer 16 40 54 EnemyMonAshlesha1 MerMerSat (R)Aquarius 23 45 00 OwnsSatP.Bhadrapada 2 JupSatRah (R)Taurus 18 35 10 FriendVenRohini3 MonMerKet (R)Scorpio 18 35 10 FriendMarJyestha1 MerKetUraLeo 18 27 36 SunP.Phalguni2 VenRahNep (R)Libra 23 58 18 VenVishakha2 JupMerPluLeo 20 49 08 SunP.Phalguni3 VenJup
Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa 23: 22: 31 DegreeMean Position of Rahu and Ketu are given
Lagna Chart – D1Bhava Chalit ChartNavamsha Chart – D9

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