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The Video

The Video

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Published by Matt N Johnson
Some things shouldn't go viral on YouTube.
Some things shouldn't go viral on YouTube.

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Published by: Matt N Johnson on Jul 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SnoValleyWritersContest_Mar2010.scriv - 3/8/10 11:31 AM / 1
Knock - knock - knockWhat on earth is that?KNOCK - KNOCK - KNOCK“OK, ok, I’m coming. Hold your horses!” I pulled myself up to a sittingposition on the couch. It took some effort but I managed to shuffle out to frontroom. I poked my head through the curtain covering the plate glass window.Two people, a man and a woman, stood on my dimly lit porch.I pulled my robe tight, fumbled for my slippers, got them on my feet andopened the door a crack.“What is it? Do you realize what time it is?”“Mr. Murdoch, we’re from the Big City paper. My name is Carol and this isHank.” She motioned slightly to the man behind her. “We wanted to ask you afew questions. Do you, ah, have a few minutes now?”
SnoValleyWritersContest_Mar2010.scriv - 3/8/10 11:31 AM / 2
I closed the door on them. Rude, I know, but it was late, I was tired, andmy arthritis was acting up. What did they want? It must be that dang YouTubevideo. I told Chester to keep that camera in his bag, but no, he had to get thewhole thing on video and then like an idiot, he posted it to YouTube. What elsewould explain the sudden appearance of two reporters from the Big City paperout here in the middle of po-dunk no-where? Especially at this hour. What timewas it anyway? It must be past eleven, at least.I opened the door again. Carol stood her ground. She gave no indicationshe would leave without a story. “Can’t this wait?” A steady rain fell from darkgray clouds. Thunder rumbled off the mountains in the distance.“We have a few questions about the video on YouTube. It really can’t wait.We’re trying to make a deadline for tomorrow’s paper.” She smiled. She hadbrown shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and very straight white teeth. Sheexuded confidence.The second reporter, Hank, looked about ten years her junior. He shiftedhis weight from one foot to the other. He was anxious, or maybe he just need togo to the bathroom. “So, can you tell us more about what happened that night? Imean, it’s all very strange on the video, blurry and hard to see.”I stared at them. They seemed harmless enough. “OK, come in. I guess it’sthe least I can do seeing as how you’ve travelled all this way.” I stepped aside,motioned to the couch in the TV room and they came inside.Carol sat, her legs crossed neatly, pen in hand, pad of paper in her lap, herbrown eyes wide and contemplative. She seemed genuinely interested.The second reporter, Hank, new to the job I supposed, continued to fidgeteven after I’d shown him the way to the bathroom. He leaned forward into mypersonal space. He piped up, which seemed out of turn and disjointed. “Yeah,but isn’t that what makes it so popular? The whole gestalt of the video. It’smysterious. You have to use your imagination.”Did he just use the word “gestalt”?
t’s too late for this I thought trying notto betray my irritation.“Do you really need to talk with me now? Can’t it wait until the morning?”I decided that I was too old and it was too late to get into this again. “I’ve
SnoValleyWritersContest_Mar2010.scriv - 3/8/10 11:31 AM / 3
already spoken to the police and the local papers. Isn’t that enough, what elsedo you want from me?”“Just a couple of questions?” Carol pleaded.“Well, I’m a sucker for brown eyes, alright, fire away.”“To start with, do
believe in it?” She emphasized ‘you’.“Is that the angle on your story then? You want to know if 
believe in it?Well, heck yeah,
believe in it. I’ve lived here for a long time and I’ve seensome pretty strange stuff.”“So the video is accurate, that’s what really happened?” Hank jumped inagain. Carol nudged him with her elbow.“Pretty much, but like you said, it’s blurry and dark. Believe me when I sayit was a heck of a lot scarier in real life.” I looked down at my hands willingthem to stay still; fighting back the shaking that I knew would come if I thoughtabout that night too deeply.“Did anyone else see it, or was it just you and your neighbor … “ sheflipped through her notebook looking for something, but I knew what she wasafter.“Chester. Yes, it was Chester and me. We were out hunting. It was gettinglate and we were headed back to camp. It came down on us suddenly soundinglike a grand piano crashing through the trees above. It made a heck of aracket.”Hank could hardly contain himself, he looked like a school kid onChristmas morning. His left foot tapped insistently and he kept rubbing his handsacross the knees of his pants.“So what happened? I’ve got to know, what happened after?” He leanedforward even further, holding his breath, his leg still for once.“You want to know what happened after? Is that why you drove all the wayout here, late at night with a storm rolling in? What paper did you say you’rewith again?” I leaned forward into Hank’s personal space. Carol glared at him.“I’m sorry for my colleague. He’s over anxious, as I’m sure you could tell.”

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