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20120707 En

20120707 En

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Published by npmanuel
July 7,2012 issue of Ang Bayan, published by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines
July 7,2012 issue of Ang Bayan, published by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines

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Published by: npmanuel on Jul 13, 2012
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Pahayagan ng Partido Komunista ng PilipinasPinapatnubayan ng Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo
English EditionVol. XLIII No. 13July 7, 2012www.philippinerevolution.net
earing how Aquino has been describing his first two years inpower, one would think that life in the Philippines has grownso grand. Poverty, he says, now belongs to a bygone era, withprosperity and a life of comfort both within reach. But that would bethe case only if one were to turn a deaf ear to the cries and griev-ances of a people in the depths of hunger and poverty.
Confront Aquino's remaining yearswith mass strugglesand armed resistance
tinier in the face of their inabili-ty to find jobs, whether insidethe country or overseas. Theyare mired in ever deeper pover-ty. Hunger and disease arewidespread. Allocations in thenational budget for health care,education and other social serv-ices continue to dwindle.Despite the promised"change," there is nothing newwith Aquino's basic economicpolicies. He has chosen to per-petuate liberalization, deregula-tion, privatization and dena-tionalization—policies that havebrought nothing good to thePhilippine economy. Aqui-nopersists in obstructing national
 In this issue...
Aquino’s EOto give new pushto destructivemining
Environmentalactivistsvictimized byOPB
CARAT 2012in Mindanaoassailed
The "path of righteousness"slogan Aquino keeps onmouthing is nothing but a fig-ment of his imagination. It canbe likened to a lullaby thatAquino likes to sing over andover to lull the people's mindsand usher them into a world of make-believe. But even innocentbabies bawl when their belliesache with hunger and they aredeprived of care.The fantasyworld Aquinolikes to con- jure will eventually vanish in theface of the overwhelming realityof poverty, oppression and ex-ploitation.However the people's expe-riences under Aquino aresummed-up in the past two years, one thing is undeni-able—that there has been no im-provement in the daily lives of the toilingmasses.Whatever bitsof hope theyhave left grow
2ANG BAYAN July 7, 2012
industrialization and genuineland reform.Since taking his seat in Mala-cañang, Aquino has been ob-sessed with imposing more taxesand fees on the people in order toincrease his government's rev-enues. He immediately busiedhimself with hiking expresswaytoll fees and train fares and dis-missed the widespread demandfor a reduction in the taxes beinglevied on petroleum products de-spite the tremendous burden onthe people. He has pulled allstops in raising fees in publicschools and hospitals and legis-lating higher taxes on cigarettesand alcoholic beverages.Like all previous regimes,Aquino's priority is to attract in-vestments from foreign big cap-italists and credit from foreignbanks. For this, workers' wagesremain pegged at extremely lowlevels. Demolitions of urbanpoor communities are rampantto give way to foreign capitalistprojects. In accordance with thewishes of foreign big capitalists,Aquino is currently focusing onliberalizing policies to facilitatethe plunder of Philippine miner-al resources.Aquino claims that throughhis cash doleouts in the Panta-wid Pamilyang Pilipino program,he is solving the people's pover-ty, even without addressing thebasic demands for land, jobs,higher wages and affordableprices of commodities and so-cial services. The project, whichis funded by a huge debt fromthe World Bank payable in2015, is in reality being used bylocal politicians to enhancetheir influence and is part andparcel of counterrevolutionaryprograms aimed at veering thepeople away from the path of struggle.The Aquino regime is in-creasingly resorting to fascistviolence against the people un-der the Oplan Bayanihan war of suppression which mainly tar-gets those who are actively en-gaged in mass struggles, espe-cially those who assiduouslysupport land reform, resist for-eign mining and protect the en-vironment. The AFP is using thedirty tactics of deception, ter-ror and repression. Armed sol-diers maintain their presencein communities to create a cli-mate of fear and impose mar-tial law-like policies. Shoot-ings, beatings, the forcible useof the masses' houses andschools as camps, theft, the se-duction of women, rape andother sexual abuses, assaultingand terrorizing children arecommonplace.The Aquino regime has theaudacity to go allout in its warof suppression against the peo-ple because it enjoys the fullsupport of US imperialism. TheUS has raised its military assis-tance to the Aquino regime inexchange for its puppetregime's more obsequious ac-quiescence to all its wishes andcommands.A growing number of Ameri-can warships and submarineshave been docking in Philippineports, in accordance with the USstrategy of strengthening itsmilitary presence in the Asia-Pacific. US military planes anddrones will be given full freedomto use the country's air space togo on surveillance missions. Thepermanent presence of UStroops based in Zamboanga isbeing strengthened. Thesetroops are directly engaged incombat operations in variousparts of the Philippines.The more the Aquino regimebecomes dependent on US impe-rialism, the more it loses sup-port from the Filipino people.The more Aquino kowtows to thedesires of the US and big foreigncapitalists and banks, the moreanti-democratic, antipeople andanti-national its policies be-come. After a mere two years inpower, Aquino has gone to thehilt in trampling on humanrights, surrendering the nation'sfreedom and heaping one bur-den after another on the peo-ple's shoulders.Two years into its term andthe Aquino regime's illusions of 
 Ang Bayan
is published fortnightly by the Central Committeeof the Communist Party of the Philippines
Ang Bayan 
is published inPilipino, Bisaya, Iloko, Hiligay-non, Waray and English editions.It is available for downloadingat the Philippine Revolution WebCentral located at:
www.philippinerevolution.net Ang Bayan 
welcomes contribu-tions in the form of articles andnews. Readers are likewiseenjoined to send in their com-ments and suggestions for thebetterment of our publication.You can reach us by email at:
Vol. XLIII No. 13 July 7, 2012
Editorial: Confront rest of Aquino’s termwith mass, armed struggles1Planned EO on mining3Xstrata-SMI operations stopped5TOs in Bukidnon and Antipolo5Repression in Lacub6Environmental activists victimized6Jazmines transferred to Bicutan8Militarization in Bukidnon826 hospitals to be privatized9Aquino’s request for spy planes hit10Protests vs Carat 2012 in Mindanao11Obama’s extrajudicial killings12The revolution is for children13
3ANG BAYAN July 7, 2012
"change" and "hope" which it has used to deceivethe people have been torn to shreds. Only two years have passed, but it has become painfullyclear that the rest of Aquino's term will be markedby nothing but intensified oppression and exploita-tion, more grinding poverty and greater sufferingfor the Filipino people.The Filipino people must confront Aquino in theremaining years of his term with stepped-up massstruggles and revolutionary armed resistance.They must shake the Aquino regime to its veryfoundations to prevent it from engaging further inacts of utter puppetry to US imperialism, resortingto fascist violence and ceding the nation's re-sources and patrimony to foreign interests. Theymust hold the regime accountable for its nationaltreachery and its serious crimes against the peo-ple.Protest actions in the streets, in factories,schools and communities in the cities and country-side must continuously be strengthened. The Fil-ipino people face on a daily basis various issuesthat bring to the fore their wretched and oppres-sive conditions, stoke their widespread anger anddrive them to rise up and fight. The people must beunited and mobilized in growing numbers indemonstrations and other forms of collective ac-tion.Along with advancing mass struggles, the revo-lutionary forces must give their all in advancingguerrilla warfare nationwide. The New People'sArmy must launch bigger and more frequent tacti-cal offensives, annihilate fascist units of the AFPand punish those who have committed gravecrimes against the people. The longer Aquino staysin power and the more his illusory solutions are ex-posed for what they are, the more the people treadthe path of armed revolution. Aquino himself iscreating the conditions for the New People's Armyto gain more adherents and grow in strength.
and environmentalist groups tothe Catholic church and otherreligious groups.Up to 40 local governmentunits nationwide have passedresolutions against destructivemining. Many of them implementordinances closing down miningsites or imposing strict regula-tions on existing ones. Due tomoratoriums in a number of ar-eas, several applications for theexpansion of mining operationshave been pending nationwidesince 2010.
Aquino's planned executiveorder aims to givedestructive mining a newpush
ven before its formal issuance, the Aquino regime's plannedExecutive Order (EO) on mining has met with stiff opposition.Plans to issue it on June 22 were postponed anew purported-ly to iron out its kinks and make it "acceptable" to the public. In fact,Malacañang has been busy browbeating oppositionists to the EO, es-pecially local politicians who will be aggrieved by it.The Aquino regime desper-ately wants to issue this an-tipeople and environmentallydetrimental executive orderwhose aim is to impose more lib-eral policies in favor of big for-eign mining companies and theirlocal counterparts.In the past few years, mining-related disasters have grownworse nationwide. The main vic-tims have been impoverishedcommunities, especially those of peasants and national minorities.These have spurred them tolaunch broad and militant anti-mining struggles to defend theireconomic rightsand resist the for-eign plunder of thecountry'sresourcesand environment.A striking exampleis the armed re-sistance beingwaged by theB'laan minorities inDavao del Sur.The ranks of antimining sec-tions of the Fil-ipino people aregrowing, rangingfrom progressive

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