Ali Zohery, Ph.D.

ALI ZOHERY, PH.D. ____________________________________________________ P. O. BOX 71632 WASHINGTON, D.C. 20024 (202) 437-1295 EDUCATION BA, Archaeology, Egyptology, Cairo University, 1981 Graduate level courses, Egyptology, Cairo University, 1983-85 Graduate level courses, Anthropology, The American University, Washington, D.C. 1988/90 Graduate level courses, Anthropology, University of Maryland, College park, 1990 Graduate level courses, International Management, University College, University of Maryland, 1991 Travel & Tourism Diploma, ATI Institute, Falls Church, Virginia, 1992(Honors) MBA, Int'l Management, Southeastern University, Washington, D.C.1998 (Honors) Ph.D. Mass Communication, Howard University, Washington, DC, 2004 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • Adjunct Professor of Tourism- Strayer University - Washington DC Campus Ethics Organization, Founder, 2008, registered at the ministry of Social Affairs, Behira - Egypt, www.dralizoheryislamiccenter. org Zohery University, Founder, 2006, Islamic Center of America, Founder, 2005, World Assembly for Ethics, Founder, 2005, Zohery Tours, Founder, Owner and Tour Guide, 1991 to present Alda Sightseeing Service, General Partner and Tour Guide, 1990-1991 Social Services Consultant for evacuees from Kuwait, Fort Mead, MD, (part time), 1990 to 1991 Gold Line Tours, Tuxedo, MD, Tour Guide, 1990 Old Town Trolley Tours, Washington, D.C., Tour Guide, 1989 Engineering Science, Inc., Washington, D.C., Archaeologist, 1987 to 1989 Catskill's Deli, Washington, D.C., Assistant Manager, (part time), 1985 to 1990 Ministry of Culture, Department of Antiquities, Pyramid District, Cairo, Egypt, Archaeologist, 1983 to 1985 Military Service, Solider, 1982 to 1983 DISSERTATION "Thematic Analysis of Values in the Public Communication of Prophet Muhammad" A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of HOWARD UNIVERSITY for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Department of Communication and Culture Washington, DC, August 2004 PUBLICATIONS IN PROGRESS 1. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Leadership, Communication and Ethics 2. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Ethics 3. Grand Tour of Washington, DC 4. Washington After Dark LECTURES, PRESENTATIONS AND RESEARCH PAPERS 1. The Ethics and Values in Ancient Egypt , at The Embassy of Egypt , The Cultural and Educational Bureau , Washington , DC , January 29, 2009 2. Ethics in Int'l Business, at Southeastern University, Summer 2006 3. Textual Analysis of the Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad, at Howard University, Spring 2002 4. Prophet Muhammad’s Patterns of Peaceful Communication, at Howard University, Fall 2001 5. The prophet Muhammad Pattern of Communication Toward Women, at Howard University, Fall 2001 6. Prophet Muhammad Pattern of Communication towards Children, at Howard University, Fall 2000 7. Prophet Muhammad Models of Educational Communication, at Howard University, Fall 2000 8. Prophet Muhammad Models of Political Communication, at Howard University, Summer 2000 9. Prophet Muhammad style of Communication as a World leader , at Howard University, Spring 2000 10. Prophet Muhammad Pattern of communication , at Howard University, Fall 1999 11. Blacks Heritage in Washington, DC, at Howard University, 12. Theorizing the Public Sphere: Notions of Public Space in Washington DC, at Howard University, 13. "Ethnography, Participant Observation and Case Study" at Howard University, Spring 2001 14. "The Revival of the Ancient Library of Alexandria-Egypt" for the DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association, at the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, DC, September, 2000 15. "The new International Manager" at Howard University, Fall 2000 16. "Ethics in Business Communication" at Howard University, Fall 2000 17. "Communication and Culture Perspective" at Howard University, Fall 2000 18. "Ethics in the Tourism industry" at Howard University, Summer 1999 19. "Media Coverage of Tourism in Egypt" at Howard University, Spring 1999 20. 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