I'm an author: the writing bug bit me on a rainy afternoon, when I couldn’t find any new book to read. My daughter had enough of my moping around and snapped at me, “Mom, stop whining! If you haven’t a book to read, then write one.” I did, the first book of my paranormal fiction, “The Ancestor’s Secrets” is published. I'm an animal welfare activist: I learned to love and respect animals from my parents, especially from my father. I can’t adopt as many animals and donates as much as I would love to, so I started thinking about what can I do as a writer to help animals in need? I thought, I can write, sell the book and donate the money to animal shelters. I started putting together a book of short stories I have written the past few years and asked my animal lover friends if they’d like to participate. My Read for Animals project was born. I provide manuscript critique-editing service: after negative experiences with publishers, I started my own publishing company, Golden Box Books. Now, my books are edited, formatted and published the way I like them. I started giving manuscript critique to fellow writers, and they said I have a special talent in pointing out inconsistencies, improving the flow of the story and using correct words. My friend helps with editing grammar mistakes. We provide a very thorough service, therefore we take on very limited amount of work.see more