Dusanka Mravlja


I was born in 1963; from the beginning I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I also work. I take an interest in numerology for a very long time – in my own way, of course. I like nature, animals, forest, sea, sun, all kinds of good music, science fiction, commedy, Scandinavia, Italy and Southern Dalmatia, history, good food and red wine. I adore to be one with nature – when I am big and small at the same time. I am not religious in a classical sense; a pantheismical concept of religion is the closest to me. I can't stand lies, deceptions, turture, injustice, wars, pains, hunger, poverty, stupidity, boasting, selfishness, narrow-mindedness, and if one scratches me all over my brains. I am single and unfortunately don't have children, and I also don't have a driving-licence. But I have a bicycle, a he-dog and some fish and water-snails. I smoke cigarettes (still...), drink coffee and black tea. I am 168 cm tall, my weight is appr. 63 kg, I am red-haired, I have greenish eyes and sunspots; you can imagine I look like a real witch – but a serious and a goodhearted one...see more