I was born on Staten Island, August 6, 1945, the exact day the Atom Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. This provided a psychic imprint; World War ll ending, a brief peace, start of the nuclear age and stage setting for "my war" in Vietnam. I was actively engaged in the pivotal issues of the Vietnam Generation. I responded to JFK's challenge to "ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country", first with three years in a Catholic seminary,engaged in community organizing in Baltimore, inspired by Saul Alinsky's model; then three years in the military; returning home from Vietnam to became a leader among Vietnam veterans speaking out for peace and reconciliation and then forty years engaged in "transformative social change". I completed a BA in American Studies at Richmond College (CUNY), continued there for two years of graduate studies in the history of social change and revolution; earned a certificate in arts management through North Carolina State University and a Masters in Public Administration at SUNY Albany while working in New York State government. I've spent 35 years working in and around state government, with leadership roles in NYS Parks, Veterans Affairs, Civil Service, Economic Development and then consulting with the NYS Departments of Health, Labor and Office of General Services; businesses working with government and non-profits. I left state government to consult and returned to Vietnam; focused on reconciliation, providing humanitarian assistance, business development and consultation related to the environment. I am married to Lin Murphy, fellow activist, Life Coach, Author, Soul Collage and Yoga teacher.Together we started some of the earliest PTSD programs under contract with the Veterans Administration, through Pathfinders Institute, a non profit we established in 1981 and provided counseling and consulting through Murphy Associates, Inc. I am the father of Zoeann, a skilled photographer, who worked with Tibetan refugees in India and Burmese in Thailand. She is also an author and now Director of Development & Communications for the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants;(USCRI). I have a son, Jack; a 2008 Physics graduate of Bates College, now traveling through the Middle East, returning from two years Peace Corps service in Lesotho, southern Africa, where he taught math and science in a remote secondary school and did HIV prevention work. I have had the opportunity to participoate in and influence political and social change efforts over the past forty years through direct involvement; campaigns for elected office, appointments to government office, radio, television; and presenting my perspective through interviews, photography exhibits, essays and books. I was one of the writers of the book Dear America Letters Home from Vietnam and honored as such when the subsequent HBO movie was awarded an Emmy. Zoeann and I published essays and photographs in our own book, Vietnam A Father Daughter Journey, which may be downloaded for free here on Scribd.com or purchased through Amazon.com. I am now Executive Director of the Workforce Development Institute (WDI), non-profit partner to the NYS AFL-CIO; providing workforce intelligence, education and raining for working families and the more than 2,000,000 members of organized labor across New York State. I have posted a series of recent commentaries on our website wdiny.org, and am in the process of producing electronic copies of 25 essays and commentaries I have published in newspapers and magazines and am uploading these here. I am reflecting on the issues I chose to write about, my comments and values expressed and will update my perspective to address current realities.I aspire to consult with younger colleagues, my children and their generation who inquire about the past 50 years, wondering what, if anything, they missed, the choices my generation made, what lessons were learned that may inform them they assume leadership in the first half of the 21st century. I sense a responsibility to address, reassess and adapt rather than just repeat my previous points of view. I have been guided by the work of Paulo Freire, who encouraged "dialogic" learning. My hope is that anyone who reads what I have written will respond, encourage and help me correct what I may misunderstand and thereby help me grow and learn.see more