Mehmet Fatih ÖZTARSU

Mehmet Fatih Öztarsu is from Malatya, Turkey. He graduated from Qafqaz University International Relations department. He worked on regional studies to be an expert of South Caucasus and ethnic/regional conflicts. About this event, he wrote articles to media organs in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. After media activities, he started to work regional issues in some think tanks in Ankara. His academic works had been published on bulletins of these think tanks. Now he is vice-president of KAFKASSAM – Caucasus Strategic Researches Center in Ankara. He continues his works on Haber Ajanda and Haber 7 in Turkey as an author and editor. Also he writes for Aravot Daily in Armenia, about Turkish-Armenian relations. Journalism activities continue both in Turkey and Armenia. He is a common author of “Nagorno Karabakh Conflict for 100 Questions” academic book by Qafqaz University. His new book “Minsk Group Activities for Nagorno Karabakh” is ready to be published. His book “Armenian Chronicles” combines journalist observations of a Turkish journalist who lives in Yerevan. The book is ready to be published to next season. He knows English and Azeri in high level, Russian and Armenian in basic level . He lives in Yerevan and continues to work on regional issues.see more