I suppose my writing career begun in 1990, when I turned eight years old and my father gave me my first journal. I wrote on it most days, not checking spelling or grammar at all. I found the act of writing much more beneficial than grammar checks, though of course, now that I need to write for an audience, my perspective has changed. It was not until 2008 that I started my current path through the narrows of academic knowledge, and though the way has proven as exciting as it was difficult, the sense of accomplishment has never decreased. In reality, all I hope is to be able to inspire. I want people to read and think, even if just a little, that there is more to life than our narrow visions of understanding. Fate, it seems, provided me with a journal at the tender age of eight so that it could inspire me to want to put words to paper. Now, writing hungry, I cannot help but express myself.see more