Gabriele Barrera (Turin 1973) is a journalist (ODG National Order of Journalists Rome) and film critic (SNCCI Film Critics Society Rome, FIPRESCI International Film Critics Society Paris and München, FEDEORA European Film Critics Society London) in Italy for "L'Indice", "", "", "Segnocinema", "Duellanti", "Blow Up", "Nick Film TV", "Cinecritica", "Best Movie" and "Maxim". He also taught Film Studies at the Polytechnic (Cinema Engineering) University of Turin. Barrera (also professor of Latin and Italian Literature, MIUR) writes essays and books: "From Umberto D to Europa 51" (2000), "Mario Bava: The Beauty is the Beast" (2002), "The Excess of the Vision" (2003), "Urban Simulations" (2006), "Movie Stars" (2008, translated in English, German, French, Spanish). Barrera works, as film critic and member of the film critics' jury, for several film festivals: Lecce (2005), Venice (2005), Berlin (2006), Geneva (2006), Locarno (2007), Leipzig (2007), Motovun (2008), Turin (2008), Pula (2009), Sofia (2011), Thessaloniki (2011), Oberhausen (2011), Annecy (2011), Koper (2011) and Gijon (2011). April 2012: the international film critic Barrera is an italian member (for the BFI - British Film Institute and the international magazine "Sight and Sound", London) of the 2012 Poll Commission for the election of the Ten Greatest Films of All Times.see more