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Taking Schools to the Next Level the National Education Framework for Schools

Taking Schools to the Next Level the National Education Framework for Schools

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Published by: unay on Jul 05, 2010
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taking schools to the
next level
the national education framework for schools
Message from theHon Dr Brendan Nelson MP
There are more than three and a quarter million students in Australia’snearly ten thousand schools. There is no greater national need than toensure that Australian schooling prepares these young people to live,work and thrive in the global environment of the 21st century.Quality schooling is one of the Australian Governments highest policypriorities. There are many schooling achievements of which to be proud.Australia has worked hard to ensure that every child is able to read, writeand spell, can use maths, and can communicate at an appropriate level.In these areas, Australia is performing at world-class levels.In November 2003, I outlined the Australian Government’s 10-point national agenda for schooling. The agendawas informed by concerns expressed to me by parents, by my recent observations of international practices, and byseeing first-hand the innovation, creativity and excellence that is happening in many Australian schools today.The 10-point national agenda for schooling focuses on the need to strengthen all schools, by:supporting the professional standing of teachers.attracting the best people to become teachers.ensuring national consistency in schooling.giving schools autonomy to meet community needs.ensuring all schools are performing well.providing meaningful information to parents.focusing on the values that young people need.creating safe school environments.accelerating Indigenous education outcomes.ensuring seamless transitions from school to work or further education.I believe strongly that this 10-point national agenda for schooling is a platform for taking schools to the next leveland making Australian schooling even better. I am also seeking the views of Australians to help develop and buildon this 10-point agenda.
a message from the minister

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