A racing enthusiast, Granger Whitelaw has turned his hobby into a business venture. He founded Whitelaw Racing, a firm that invests in Indy Car racing teams, commandeered by such notable drivers as Buddy Lazier, Eddie Cheever, and Robby Unser. Mr. Whitelaw has expanded his racing interests into the sky with the creation of the Rocket Racing League. Granger Whitelaw’s Rocket Racing League features rocket-powered aircraft that compete in pairs in what has been described as “NASCAR with rockets.” Expected to launch in 2011, the Rocket Racing League contest in the air will be viewed live and on virtual platforms. Mr. Granger's Rocket Racing League is the product of a 10-year venture that has seen starts and stops due to financing challenges. Currently living in New York, a city that matches his high energy, Granger Whitelaw works as a venture capitalist and management consultant. After majoring in international trade and marketing at the University of Minnesota for three years, he was eager to test his mettle in the business world. He moved to New York City’s Soho district in the environs of flourishing artists such as Jasper Johns, who inspired the creation of his first business, Angers-Whitelaw & Co, a fine art dealership. Mr. Whitelaw has held management roles at BlueCar Partners, CoreCommerce, and EOCNET.com. At present, he works as an advisor for a public relations and marketing firm, Social Media 1234. He maintains his professional momentum with new business creations, such as the software program Imedicor, which is designed to handle medical records through a fast and secure process. In addition, Granger Whitelaw provides financial support for The Amber Alert Portal. The technology solution assists law enforcement, provides tools and systems for parents, and encourages the community to become involved in child abduction cases. Besides this project, Mr. Whitelaw maintains involvement in charitable causes such as the Homeless Foundation of America and the Mill Neck School for the Deaf.see more

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