Cyberian . A Librarian. A Social Technologist An Information Scientist . A New Media Activist A social librarian & a social web activities in making to reach out the work on library and information sciences. H: W: Hazman Aziz, is a social librarian and a social information scientist . He leads this project called Hazman Labs, Inc since 1997. At Hazman Labs, he organised a number of community social responsibility projects. Hazman is also working towards for his doctorate. Hazman has a site called, “The Podium”, currently known as a social librarian | knowledge management concierge. He addresses his ideas on the structure and developments of information science using the advent of today's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the open source and new media environment. Concurrently, he is documenting this work and preparing for my studies at the postgraduate studies in the University as well the road map to further his interests in this area of researches. Do visit his works at: - Hazman Aziz @ or - FB page @ - YouTube @ - Twitter @ - Visual CV @ more