Former warmongering neo-conservative transformed into a peace-loving libertarian. Currently majoring in Economics at the College of William and Mary. I stumbled upon economics a couple of years ago when trying to fill up my class schedule. I haven't been able to stop reading/learning ever since. Eagle Scout. Semi-Vegetarian. Lover of Taoist philosophy. Gun owner. Non-Aggresionist. Constantly looking for ways to peacefully transform our violent, forceful state-controlled society into a stateless society. Open to all ideas and opinions. No matter your degree, job, or place in society, economists control your life mainly through the Federal Reserve banking system. My goal is to end this corrupt, immoral system and give people the power to control their own interests and earnings. Oh, I once took a Public Sector Economics class...I hope to make classes like these "obsolete." I enjoy finding meaningful documents/websites on the internet, converting them to a PDF, and then sharing them here!see more