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Wacky Wordsmith

Wacky Wordsmith

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Published by ibbteamdionysus

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Published by: ibbteamdionysus on Sep 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wacky Wordsmith
Name: Matthew Tan Text: 13-15Date:_______________________________Books: ________________________________ 
Wacky Wordsmith: As the author of the two most famous epics in ancient Greekliterature, Homer helped define the Western World's vocabulary landscape. Your task isto look for at least TEN WONDER WORDS, important words or phrases in the text whichyou deem crucial to the text. If you find words that are puzzling or unfamiliar, list themdown in the second table, “NEW TO MY VOCABULARY”. Record the meaning that youcame up with and indicate its significance. Include words that you consider significant orcrucial to the text. When your circle meets, discuss the words, the reason(s) why youthink they are Wonder Words, and how you came up with their meaning. Ask them tosuggest additional Wonder Words to your list.WONDER WORDSBook #Definition and Significance
Hallowed13honored as holyPreeminent13distinguishedConveyance13the action or process of transportingsomeone or something from one place toanotherHull13main body of a shipSwineherd14person who tends pigsVolleyed14a number of bullets projected at the sametime
 Thrall14state of being in someone’s powerCircumspect15unwillingPromontory15a point of high land that just out into a bodyof water Yoke 15
a wooden crosspiece that is fastenedover the necks of two animals andattached to the plow or cart that theyare to pull.
a structure consisting of a roof supported by columns at regularintervals, typically attached as a porchto a building.
“NEW TO MYVOCABULARY”Book #Definition and Significance

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