SAVIOR WEBSITE The "Savior" as a username symbolizes the core Christian virtues and values of intellectual integrity, human compassion and dignity, and service to humanity.It has advocated the intellectual and professional insights in the field of social sciences, public administration, education, business and industry.The guiding intellectual goal in the creation of "Savior" is reflected by the Christian virtue( Proverbs 24:3-4) " By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established;through knowledge its room are filled with rare and beautiful treasures." The global development advocacy of the "Savior" is the complementation, cooperation and interdependence of the sharing of professional and intellectual insights by creating a functional blog and website. The "Savior" primarily encourages international cooperation through the creation of International Foundation Initiative on Research and Development Consultancy Services for Continuing Global Education which provides knowledge-based information that shall be used to the intellectual development of the professionals, academicians and students.The primary development strategies in the " Savior Model" 1) Internet Research Initiatives for Global Access that provides information about development theories and concepts for public administration,education, management and social sciences. 2) International Research Initiatives through the presentation of free articles,essays, project proposals,term papers,case studies, dissertations,theses,feasibility studies and other relevant internet researches. 3) Partnership and Linkages on Institutions and Agencies with primary concern on the development of global access for knowledge-based information that will cater the needs of students,academicians, and professional for their basic and continuing education. 4) The Academicians and Professional who are devoted to global education may contribute on any knowledge-based information that may assist internet users particularly to the students and professionals to enhance their learning in the field of public administration,education,management and social sciences. The founder of the "Savior" is a researcher, writer, author and consultant who intends to share his professional and intellectual expertise on purely innovative approach to apply the cognitive development of the clients and stakeholders for a more useful global education. He is a Doctor of Philosophy in Education graduate and currently an Associate Professor teaching graduate courses in Master of Public Administration ( Governmental Administration) and Master of Arts in Education Educational (Management) at a State University in Asia. He has a professional consultancy services on the following areas: 1. Research consultancy and assistance for dissertation,thesis,feasibility study,action research, research proposal and technical papers. 2. Research consultancy and assistance for project proposal,case study,social and historical research,institutioinal report and master plan. 3.Consultancy and technical assistance in internet researches in education,public administration,social sciences, management,business and industry. 4.Consultancy services for organization management and development programssee more