Prior to coming to SPU in 2005, Dr. Keuss was Lecturer of Practical Theology and Ethics and Director for the Centre for the Study of Literature, Theology in the Faculty of Arts and Divinity at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. In addition to his work at SPU, he continues to teach as Visiting Professor of Practical Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary Northwest and is a regular contributor to The Kindlings Muse monthly podcast on Theology and Culture ( ). Dr. Keuss has published articles, chapters and reviews on the interdisciplinary engagement of theology, ministry and contemporary culture and is on the Editorial Board for the journal Literature and Theology (Oxford University Press). His books include Freedom of the Self: Kenosis, Cultural Identity and Mission at the Crossroads; A Poetics of Jesus: The search for Christ through writing in the nineteenth century and The Sacred and the Profane: Contemporary Issues in Hermeneutics. He also has two chapters in Cinema Divinite addressing the role of film studies in theological reflection and currently completing a book on theology and pop music entitled Your Neighbor’s Hymnal: What Christians can learn from pop music about faith, hope and love (Cascade Books, 2011).see more

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