Summary Jon Mooney directs KJWW's Acoustics and Vibration Team. He started his career as an Aerospace Engineer working on spaceflight and defense industry programs. His work includes design and analysis of systems for SkyLab, Space Shuttle, Patriot missile and anti-submarine sonar systems. During this time, he developed advanced acoustic modeling and simulation techniques which we now use to accurately model and simulate the acoustics of architectural spaces. Jon’s strengths center on his abilities to translate complicated mathematical analyses into down-to-earth, practical solutions. Jon is an active member of the Acoustical Society of America and also serves as architectural acoustics editor for Walls & Ceilings magazine. When not thinking about acoustics, you will likely find him preparing his “Opus #1” sounding rocket at a Tripoli, high powered launch or at the electronics bench building a prototype piece of test equipment, RF frontend for a SDR receiver or a 2 meter downlink transmitter. Specialties Acoustics, vibration, computer simulation.see more