Upon the discovery of a manual typewriter at the age of seven, J.E. Seanachaí began writing and never stopped. Now, decades later, Seanachaí's first novel, DEAD BIRD IN THE WEEDS, is one of Sunflower Footsteps' launch titles. The author's own Irish heritage and avid interest in history, folklore, and nature have lent to this novel that explores not only rebellion but also betrayal, courage, and self-worth. The author's latest books include: HAUNTED VOICES FROM MY PAST: TRUE NARRATIVES OF AN OHIO FAMILY, a collection of true family stories delving into the supernatural and macabre, and NONESSENTIAL: THE EXPANSION PARADOX, a chilling work of science fiction that negates the past and challenges the future. For more information, visit Sunflower Footsteps at www.sunflowerfootsteps.com.see more