I am an average Asian Chinese male, one of the living souls among an estimated population of 860,000 on the exotic oriental island of Penang, north-west of Peninsular Malaysia. (Penang island is the most populated island in Malaysia, and has the highest population density in the country. The whole of Penang state has a density of 1,695 people per square kilometre and has a population of more than 1,770,000. Georgetown, the historic capital of Penang, was formally inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 7 July 2008. It is officially recognized as having "a unique architectural and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia".) I have a pleasant personality and I am sociable, but sometimes take delight in the serenity of solitude. I enjoy (karaoke) singing, (recreational/social) dancing and listening to a variety of (inspirational/instrumental/sentimental) music. I am a native bilingual speaker of English and Chinese. My high proficiency in English is evidenced by a First Class Pass at Advanced level (CEF C2 Mastery) of the Diploma in International English for Speakers of Other Languages (awarded by City&Guilds of London Institute, United Kingdom), which I earned in 2005. My fluency in Chinese is due to twelve (12) years of primary and secondary education in Chinese vernacular schools, through associating and socialising with Chinese people, and watching countless Chinese movies (from Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong). I teach language skills and essential computing skills to people (students/adults) who are keen to learn, improve, and achieve their best. I provide advice to students who intend to embark on making choices for their education, and I provide career counselling to those who need to deal with job interviews and making decisions on their career options.see more